Even though a lot of people claim to be into astronomy, they just want people to tell them about astronomy. 98% of those people wouldn't actually be willing to put in the months of research it takes to make a discovery, amirite?

98% is awfully specific haha.

It's not only limited to astronomy - it seems everyone that watches a documentary on Animal Planet, Nat Geo, or Discovery is an expert on the subject, shamelessly quoting researchers they didn't hear about before the documentary.

ActionMan is a total hottie, and you ship him with other users (but mostly yourself), amirite?
You don't understand the girls on Facebook that upload 900 photos of themselves with song lyrics as the captions, amirite?

Most of them say something like "person x owns".

Every 50 or so include "OmG iM SoOoO Ulgi!", then followed by "noo! babbi ur beautiful"

The toys on Toy Story 3 have probably seen Andy jack off in his room a few times, amirite?
Being able to read minds would actually be quite disturbing a lot of the time, amirite?

Nobody thinks like "aw man, not this guy - I can't stand him"

It's more like multiple things at once, really quickly
"...lookatthoseboobsiwoulddonaughtythingstoherwhatabouthimamigay?whatislifehowcouldininjaeveryonehere?..." least I don't.

Jesus is so sweet, amirite?
It's annoying when baristas/cashiers make fun of you for you're order. "Oh, you want soy milk in your coffee? haha, ok.." "Oh, you don't want your sandwich toasted? haha, whatever..." Amirite?
"I brought you into this world, I can take you right out." is the scariest threat....from your mother, amirite?

"I will fucking rape you with my strapped on, spiky, lemon zest, demonic, mace penis barely keeping you alive while you burn, drown and have your eyes gauged out by tiny, relentless, robots."

That would scare me a little more.

You hate kids that speak of politics that they really know nothing about, especially when they are usually regurgitating what thier parents spoon fed them, amirite?


I tell people the same age as me to shut the fuck up, they can't even vote yet.

One of the worst things about social medias like Twitter, Facebook, etc. is that people feel like they have made a difference by 'sharing' or 'liking' something. Honestly, all the click does is remove your guilt and give you a false sense of achievement, maybe even brag to your friends about how you acknowledge the issue. If you really want to help those in developing countries, or people with terrible illnesses, donate some of your time/money to the cause. Amirite?
@deeviant You're assuming thart the two are mutually exclusive, which I do not agree with. I volunteer in disadvantaged areas...

That's fine. This 'Amirite' was having a go at the people on site that post things like "1 like = 1 prayer". Knowledge is definitely power but in saying that - don't be that person that helps those in need just because you want to tell people what you do, do it to actually help people.

Maybe I was just an antisocial kid but why does a 12 year old need a phone in general?

It seems they only play games on them anyway.

It would be cool if someone made an alien movie where the roles were reversed. As in humans discovered an alien planet and decided to visit it, it would be interesting to see how aliens might react to us, amirite?
@lalallama They did. It's Called planet 51 and it sucked. Really really sucked

Planet 51 was a kids show. I would like to this in a live action, serious film.

When you are putting away the dishes and you are holding all the knifes in one hand you always think if an attacker came at me right at this very moment they would regret it, amirite?

I do 'the Wolverine'

He isnt the best actor but for some reason I still love Nic!

Instagram is phony photography, amirite?

I totally agree with this. My friends know I'm into photography and so many will come up to me asking my opinion on their most recent 'shoot'. They whip out their iPhone (me expecting digital copies of their shots) to then go to Instagram and show me sepia macro's of grass...