Once you see how chicken nuggets are made, you can't eat them without thinking about it, amirite?
Bravery is admitting you don't think that cats are that great on the internet. Amirite?
@I don't like cats, chocolate or cake.

Woah woah woah, lets not say things we can't take back here.

It'd be funny if someone wore a shirt that had 'Thug Life' written on it and he went around screaming at people 'I choose you!!', amirite?

Aw man, next pokemon game I start up, I'm going to name my starter 'Thuglife'.

Why are girls like “oh it’s december i need a boyfriend to keep me warm” no, you can buy a coat like the rest of the single people, amirite?
Sometimes if someone is spitting horrible insults at you for no reason, instead of having some witty comeback you just stand there blankly wondering "why do people like you exist?" amirite?
Humans are animals, too, so if you think animal testing is okay, try having to endure what those poor animals have to. amirite?
@Trish Thank you for this. I can't believe how stupid some people are to not know torturing animals isn't ok.

I'm almost certain they already do that. They formulate hypothesis' then act on them. It would be a HUGE waste of resources to go "lemmie slap this monkey with acid and take some photos, for shits, giggles, and SCIENCE!"

Penguins: they are like birds, and they are birds, amirite?
Machinery should be considered “alive” or “conscious” when it decides, on its own (meaning it can’t have been programmed to do this), to reproduce. The common feature amongst life is the need to reproduce. Once a robot, under it’s own free will, learns that it is the only one of its kind and begins to assemble other robots like it, it should be considered “alive”. amirite?
@Turtle This reminds me of a movie and I just cannot for the life of me figure out what movie it is. It's not Wall-E...

Bicentennial Man
I, Robot
The Iron Giant
Short Circut

Any of those? They're the ones that come to mind.

If squishing spiders was a crime, you'd get the death penalty, amirite?

Arachnophobia renders me about as useful as a moth during a spider attack.

Pringles would be so much fun if the cans were spring-loaded, amirite?
You didn't really think you would like Toy Story 3, but now it's one of your favorite movies, amirite?

I think the whole Toy Story series from 2+ is way too overrated. COME AT ME

China really impressed me in the Olympics. They used the same person for every event. amirite?
@Statefarm Robert Downey Jr posted this on Twitter.

RDJ doesn't have a twitter, it's a fake. Don't worry, I was disappointed as well - he's awesome.

When a friend asks you to tell them about your bad day, one of the worst things they could do is try to one-up you, amirite?
@typerteck Example: Friend: What's wrong? You've seemed kind of down lately. Me: I've just been really busy, so I haven't been...

If I feel shit about something, the absolute last thing I want to hear is someone undermining what I've been through to just so they can walk around with a smug grin.

All it does is benefit themselves by making me feel even worse so their ego can have a little boost.

If they're good friends then they'll probably share my point of view anyway.

Despite being filthy rich, Bill Gates seems like a good person, amirite?

If I were that rich, I would like, do the charity thing first but then fill a pool with $5 notes (Australia) and swim. Just for shits and giggles, it will be like a safer Scrooge McDuck (diving head first into piles of metal coins doesn't seem all too good of an idea).

ActionMan is a total hottie, and you ship him with other users (but mostly yourself), amirite?

This post want funny the first time, why the hell did you think it would be funny this time?