If you had to kill yourself you'd use a gun, amirite?

I would do something where the aim wouldnt be to kill myself, but it would be a likely outcome. It's win-win, if I kill myself I would achieve my goal, if I failed, it would be freaking awesome. E.g. Jump off a building with a homemade wingsuit and rocket.

Someone being dead shouldn't change your opinion of them. If I don't respect you when you were alive, I'm not going to fake it to your family when you're dead. It is a load of bullshit when people say things like "HEY! SHOW RESPECT, HE DIED!". It is natural process that takes no effort what so ever. That being said, it is being an arsehole to talk shit about them after they died. Amirite?

This isn't making fun of anyone, nor is it in response to an event. It is just a thought. I do not go out of my way to disrespect people (living or dead), this post is leading to that you if you feel positive about someone, show it to them when they can actually appreciate it.

Bravery is admitting you don't think that cats are that great on the internet. Amirite?

*...are NOT that great...


There are 8 insects that live on your body without you even noticing. That's freakin creepy, amirite?

I don't know why, I just don't find this creepy... is that weird?

You will never understand how 'Dick' is short for 'Richard', amirite?

Amirite = ruined

Due to people having to write everything by hand, shortened versions of Richard were common, such as ‘Ric’ or ‘Rich’. This in turn gave rise to nicknames like ‘Richie’, ‘Rick’, and ‘Ricket’, among others. People also used to like to use rhyming names; thus, someone who was nicknamed Rich might further be nicknamed Hitch. Thus, Richard -> Ric -> Rick gave rise to nicknames like Dick and Hick around the early 13th century.

It sucks when you have to pretend to not be evil to gain someone's trust before using them to start the apocalypse, amirite?

Underworld problems

You would rather burn your country's flag for $5 than kick a puppy for $10, amirite?

This real question is - can I keep the puppy even if I choose to burn the flag?

@death_or_glory What?

Sorry, what was that? I missed what you said.

There's always that one person who sucks in Wheel of Fortune, amirite?

oh shucks. I'm not fictional though.

NASA should have chosen the Beatles, Elvis, Beethoven, Queen, ANYONE other than to have the honor of having their song be the first ever broadcasted beyond Earth and on another world, amirite?

Wasn't the first song Jingle Bells in 1965? Haven't The Beatles already been beamed into space?

It seems like people like to debate and argue over the smallest things on amirite. amirite?

What kind of involved man-ape doesn't realise they should capitalise the 'A' in Amirite? If society was full of people like you... etc.etc.

Everyone is human, and therefore we all need to be loved, amirite?
Everyone is human, and therefore we all need to be loved, amirite?
You hate "sneaking" missions in games, the ones where you automatically lose if you're seen. It's frustrating because you know you could easily shoot your way out of that situation! amirite?

These, and the fucking unrelated fetch quests.