This is way more difficult to fix than you'd think, amirite?

Car's ruined. Time to buy a new one.

When a guy drinks through a straw, it looks gay, amirite?

Oh yea, I once saw this guy drink from a straw and it was totally gay, except it wasn't a straw, it was a penis.

If your name is spelled like "Asch'lye," rather than Ashley or some other normal spelling, you really shouldn't get all pissy when people misspell your name, amirite?

I've never understood these alternative spellings. I've seen Taylor written as T-heylar.


Nicki Minaj really doesnt have any talent and her songs sound like shit, amirite?
These BFF necklaces are so much better than the traditional half-hearts, amirite?
It sucks when you have to pretend to not be evil to gain someone's trust before using them to start the apocalypse, amirite?

Underworld problems

Everyone is human, and therefore we all need to be loved, amirite?
The toys on Toy Story 3 have probably seen Andy jack off in his room a few times, amirite?
It's interesting to think about what life would be like if you were born an entirely different race. You could be treated differently or have entirely different friends. You would be susceptible to different diseases and your parents would probably end up divorced because you're an entirely different race than them and your mom now looks like a dirty cheater. It's interesting to think about, amirite?

At first I thought this was like, some thought experiment. Then I got to the bottom and teehee's were had. Bravo.

People should have the right to bare arms, as the constitution says. But it never says anywhere that they have the right to the ammo of that gun, amirite?
Telling a girl you want to "rock her body" means something completely different in Pakistan, amirite?

inb4 people trying to ride off the success of the original joke - dammit, too late.

Men and women are not supposed to be treated equally; they're two different species that are capable of completely different things each must have his own standards, expectations, duties and rights, amirite?

...different sex's aren't different species

Pringles would be so much fun if the cans were spring-loaded, amirite?
Getting ready for school would be so much easier & quicker if you didn't have to worry about your appearance, amirite?

I don't give a fuck what I look like. I'mall like Image in content

You'd like a book to be dedicated to you. Or a college. But a parking garage is just weird, amirite?