Girls who are modest enough about their beauty to wear normal/modest clothes and express their true personality as a first impression are the most attractive, amirite?
@lecornergirl Also applies to guys.

Yeah those guys that wear slutty clothes are not sexy at all. d smilie

Women's masturbation should be called 'Jilling Off', amirite?
It's pretty hilarious that Legos is the largest tire manufacturer In the world, amirite?
70's song lyrics: Let the sun beat down upon my face, stars fill my dreams, I am a traveller of both time and space, to be where I have been. 2010 song lyrics: They be actin' like they drunk, actin' actin' like they drunk, when sober girls around me actin' actin' like they drunk. Holy shit, amirite?

Way to compare the best of that time with the worst of this one.

Come to Sofa King, where the prices are SOFA King low. SOFA KING! amirite?

To all the people who don't get it: say it out loud.

I remember saying this in 4th grade haha. "You're sofa king we todd id!"

You hate when you're trying to say something serious but it rhymes without you even trying, and now you just look like a poetic hipster who feels like crying, amirite?

Congratulations on winning your random, self-proposed competition over something that doesn't matter y smilie
Now it's my turn. I have 2 t's in my name. Looks like I win

Your ready to be done with school and graduate. amirite?

YOU'RE not, I know that.

being loud: the next best thing to being right, amirite?
B is the pregnant letter, amirite?

Wow, B's got great tits.

"How DARE you say the word rape!? That's insensitive to victims of sexual assault!" "INSENSITIVE?! DON'T YOU EVER USE THAT WORD! IT'S OFFENSIVE TO PEOPLE WHO DON'T HAVE SENSES!" It's never gonna stop, amirite?
@That's what she said in Soviet Russia? You're offending what he said in North Korea!!!!

Continuing to use an overused joke???!? That's offensive to Michael Scott!!

You're not judgmental but you have to admit, "Brett" is a pretty fucking gay name, amirite?
Hitler's favorite weather was hail, amirite?
If I say "black people love to eat fried chicken", it's not racism, it's stereotyping. If I say "black people are inferior to white people", it's racist. People need to understand the difference, amirite?
you shouldn't be able to argue wether the XBOX360 is better then the PS3 unless you have both systems, amirite?
@name theres a reason why i dont have both systems. theres a reason why xbox live didnt get hacked. nuff said

Because the hacker has common sense and doesn't pay 65 dollars a year for a free service?

"You came in into America, so speak English!" And who the fuck lived in the Americas before the damn Europeans came along? OH YEAH, NATIVE AMERICANS. Learn to speak native American first, bitch. amirite?

Well I guess with that logic anyone who lives in England has to learn Insular Celtic languages, Brythonic languages, British, Cumbric, Southwestern Brythonic, Breton, Cornish, Goidelic languages, Galwegian Gaelic, Ivernic, Pictish, Old English, Middle English, AB language, Early Modern English, Old Norse, Norn, Anglo-Norman, French, and Latin before they can complain about other languages in their country.