You gotta wonder how Carly's character was created, "I like Drakes evil little sister, but you know what would make her better? If she was a quirky web-show host.... oh and Crazy Steve should be her older brother", amirite?

Drake and Josh > iCarly

People who speak 3 languages are trilingual, and people that speak 2 languages are bilingual, so what do you call a person that speaks one language? American. amirite?
@Handsy I'm not denying that its the fattest Western country, but that doesn't mean the average person is fat. I don't even...

2/3 of Americans are overweight.The average weight is overweight.

And of course I wasn't comparing us to god gamn Djibouti. Compared to Western Europe, Australia, Japan, S Africa etc we are statistically and observably STUPID. Why do you deny this?

A message in a bottle can be a great way to communicate, if you catch my drift, amirite?
@Rainbows No no ways :D


Sorry, OP. Love the post.

we call blueberries 'blueberries' because they're blue. we call blackberries 'blackberries' because they're black. so why do we call strawberries 'strawberries'? amirite?


Iran is a government propped up by oil money that’s led by a religious wacko. Kind of like Alaska. amirite?

well, they used to be led by a religious wacko. unless they have a new one now?

Black Ops is a worthless peice of shit, amirite?

It's pretty awesome right now while no one knows any glitches or over-powered guns. But I'm pretty sure it will end up just like MW2

"It happens" is the G-rated version of "shit happens", amirite?

This is basically the same thing as this:

Except this one sucks.

I always think that my phone just vibrated, when it didn't, amirite?

I'm amazed all these people know this about you.

shut the front door and go to hellen's house, you mother father, son of a businessman, amirite?

If this isn't from a movie, it makes no fucking sense.

someone should invent headphones that can be used underwater, amirite?

They have... and they have water-proof iPod cases to go with them. My neighbor uses them when he trains for triatholons.

If you think of homeless, you think of a man, amirite?

Actually there is a burning image of a 500-pound homeless woman I saw once in New York. It was... disturbing.

You wonder why everyone hates SOFTBALL8, amirite?

Like I said, killing yourself won't undo the horrific things you've done.

Under 18 in America: Required to go to school and have almost no rights. After 18 in America during a war: Drafted to die for your country that has given you "so much", amirite?

Because if children had every right that everone else had, everything would be JUST fine...

Maybe we wouldn't have so many drunken astronauts if all these computers didn't have spacebars, amirite?
@Sinner Damn right. <3

You sneaky bastard you changed it to slightly less. Y u no accept my love