Straight people: girls- sometimes you see a gey guy whos cute but gey so it's suck. guys- sometimes you see a gey guy whos cute but gey and your straight so it also sucks. amirite?
@Butts ... Gey? o.o


Ballsacks are ugly. amirite?

This is the most direct, to-the-point amirite post I've ever read.

If you're on a Windows computer, go to My Computer, C:, Windows, Media, then click onestop.mid. It's the best thing ever, amirite?
@jen I feel like I've won the internet...

For some reason, that comment made me laugh very hard.. XD

There was an episode of Spongebob in Season 1 where he actually reveals the Krabby Patty secret formula to Plankton, amirite?
You wish that plungers could unclog stuffy noses, amirite?

-LOLs at mental image-

You wonder how Josh feels now that Oprah really is being cancelled. amirite?
It would be so cool if you were able to guess a famous person Twitter password, amirite?

His password is: winningtigerblood24

My Life is Average used to be cool when it was ACTUALLY average. Now it's lame because it's been overrun by stupid, non-average posts talking about unicorns, ninjas, what they do at Walmart with Nerf Guns, British accents, and other cliche things, amirite?
@nobody347 Don't forget the dinosaurs. See, the bad thing is that those things actually are awesome, but they're ruined on MLIA.

Exactly! Everything awesome got overdone on that website. :/ If you look at the first post, it's something so simple (if I recall). Now compare that to the most recent post.

Being bisexual is just slutty. Pick a gender and stay with it, amirite?

How did this make it to the fucking homepage?
I'm personally offended. I AM NOT A SLUT. D:<

If someone makes a grammatical error you cut them some slack if you know that English is not their primary or first language, amirite?
Rapunzel must've had a really strong neck. amirite?

She must had had strong, healthy, thick hair, too. She must have been doing the herbal...

There's that one girl on facebook who makes every status "txt me 987-2039" and you wonder if anyone actually texts her. amirite?

This made me think of "867-5309/Jenny". I don't know why.

OSAma, OBAma. OSAma, OBAma. Two very different people, with two very different ideas. amirite?

I find this post hard to believe coming from a user named "DyslexicGrammarNazi". Just sayin'.

What if a person came on campus, lit a classroom on fire so we would all be in perfect lines, then started to shoot us? We'd all be screwed. amirite?

Should have ended it at "campus".

SNL is running out of ideas, amirite?