About me.

Please bring me some Fritos, if you do I'll let you read my bio.

You got 'em? Good!

I am Tristan
I am incredibly awesome
I am... well I haven't decided how old I am yet (15)
It has come to my attention that some people do not like Fritos, this displeases me
Contrary to my picture I am not a cat
I tried to write the following part of my bio with my nose:
i8b 2w2qaqsw bhgo9rh binh bger4ikloeyt caloifdrornia AQnhje sawinbcdxe tenni have beenh bchganbging the worlds swiuth my aweersomjenhess.

If you can figure out what it says and if I feel like it you get a free prize, but you have to pay shipping and handling plus a small fee but other than that it's free.