It's Australia Day today, amirite?
@Alicat haha. I love how all the Australia flags people are putting on their cars are made in China. And yep, it doesn't...

Haha. I'm guilty of purchasing such flags. =( I was just being patriotic! Aha. Supporting the country which supports me. Win win yeah? Aha.

And yeah, it doesn't. I'll stalk you. Watch your back. Aha.

Haha. It's even funnier because he was a graphics teacher. One of my mates had him as a teacher. Best half-day of school ever. Aha.

It's Australia Day today, amirite?
@Alicat Haha. It's so crazy. We had Australia shaped burger patties today. they were awesome. I believe that I'm 132km west...

Haha. They sound awesome. I wonder if they were imports. XD

And Yeah. Near Brisbane. Not in the centre though. A train ride from it. Aha. So you must be pretty close then. It wouldn't take long to get there, provided you have a lead foot. Haha.

I happily attend the high school from which the first Australian was charged on acts of terrorism. Haha. Lawdy. Australia is really advancing as a nation, don't you think? Aha.

It's Australia Day today, amirite?
@Alicat I had to work yesterday (at coles). I sware some people think the world is going to end after a public holiday...

Haha. I had all the teachers coming into my work (Spotlight) buying craft stuff and purdy things for their students. Aha.

I know! It's crazy. People buy up big for a one day holiday. Sometimes it's a bit beyond a joke. I don't understand where all the money comes from if people are continuously complaining about being in a depression!

And that sounds good. Haha. We had a BBQ dinner with family because I was working during the day. And now everyone is watching the tennis. A very pro-active day I do believe. Aha.

It's Australia Day today, amirite?
@Alicat :O. that's terrible.

Haha it felt like torture. Who the hell goes shopping on Australia Day? The penalty rates were motivation enough to turn up for my shift though.

How'd you spend the day?

It's Australia Day today, amirite?

I had to work today. It felt like an insult. Very unaustralian.

Middle school boys can pretty much turn anything into something sex-related. amirite?

The conversation is even better when you're in an immature, co-ed agriculture class.