what state has tiny soft drinks... minisoda, amirite?

Except they call it pop not soda

I'll Make A Man Out Of You is one of the best Disney songs ever, amirite?
Your car has a name, amirite?

I named my moms mini van Bertha, I get the honor of driving her.

Parkour: Doing what takes normal people 15 steps, in 1, amirite?

Hard core parkour

Mario Kart: a game that turns even the purest souls into cursing, raving madmen, amirite?

No it's not.

Party hard like Jay Gastby, amirite?

Got this wrong, I was thinking Clive Bigsby aka Phil from modern family...

There should really be chocolate cookie dough ice cream, instead of just vanilla. amirite?
@ihatesocks Best ice cream in the entire world.

Yeah I could eat 48910481920104810 of them.

There should really be chocolate cookie dough ice cream, instead of just vanilla. amirite?

Ben & Jerry's half-baked

Whenever you walk into a movie theater there's never just a normal amount of people. It's either completely empty or so full you have to sit in the front, amirite?

Usually, unless it's like the midnight premiere of something...like Harry Potter

Lazy Rule #19401957294710149: you're so lazy you didn't even finish reading the number, amirite?

Except mines been posted for longer than that one has, since it was just recently featured on the homepage...so no.

When you're in a store and someone mistakes you for an employee, you feel slightly offended...That is unless you're in a stylish clothing store because employees there dress nicely, amirite?

once I was at like a nice department store, and this guy and his kid asked if I worked there..I was wearing a big shirt and athletic shorts.

It's really awkward when you're just dancing and then you get mistaken for Beyoncé, amirite?

umm actually no

There should be glass ice cream cones that you can use at home for people who don't like the taste of real cones but like licking their ice cream, amirite?

Wow that will be better than the Snuggie and Shamwow combined!

The blank pages at the end of a book are there simply so people can draw penises on them. amirite?

because thats my first thought when i see those blank pages too...sarcasm

Imagination can be a wonderful thing...except after you watch a scary movie, then it just mind fucks you, amirite?
@You got this of another site, amirite?

No way! I just came up with it after I watched a scary movie..