People who get mad when you ask about their tattoos are pretentious assholes, amirite?

It's narcissism, they want the attention and also the power to dismiss it, especially if the attention is coming from someone they don't like.

Some people make half their personality or more about tattoos and then are surprised that people are interested in them.

People who get mad when you ask about their tattoos are pretentious assholes, amirite?
Mac n cheese isnt that good, amirite?

Depending on the brand but as someone who enjoys Mac and cheese I hate you

Changing in front of your close friends is weird, amirite?

Haha you're actually the weird one here. I bet you project sexualization onto a lot of things you shouldn't too haha

The Dark Knight Rises is better than The Dark Knight. amirite?

I genuinely think Batman Begins was the best of the trilogy. How's that for unpopular?

Having "stages" of your relationship is ridiculous. amirite?

someone told you they were not ready yet, eh?

Sometimes people think they are building a hill to stand on, and don't realize the hole they are digging, in the process, amirite?

"The Englishman Who Went Up a Hill But Came Down a Mountain" is a terrific movie.

Ground beef is better than steak, amirite?
"western food" isn't bad, you're just comparing it to the best of the best of other regions' food. amirite?

Maybe the problem is that you're using fast food hamburgers as an example of american food and not, for example, slow braised BBQ ribs

Red Dwarf is not funny, amirite?

Most unpopular opinion that I've read here. Red Dwarf is my all time favourite show. I chuckle at some of the dialogue most days. BSc SSc anyone?

When you clone a person, you clone their farts too. amirite?
@404ChompyNotFound A person and it's clone share the same hair, eyes, voice, etc as their clone. Because the digestive system all...

well all of it would only exist due to the cloning process. Are we talking about the same type of cloning? because farts happen due to the internal microbes, and what type of food you eat

knocking before entering a public restroom should be your default, amirite?

I completely agree OP, The amount of times I'm at work and someone wildly jiggles the handle then knocking like a madman is way too high.

I prefer to work out during my period, amirite?

Probably the adrenaline and the distraction from the pain. I know my injuries tend to start hurting whenever I relax for awhile

The guy who was supposedly killed on the cross was actually killed by an Italian, amirite?

Roman empire was huge, a random legionnaire could be from anywhere between Spain to Mesopotamia. Italy was a province back then and the one you are referring to was established in 1861.

Other than that nails are not the case of death during crucifixion, victims suffocate due to chest muscle fatigue.

We will never be able to know the exact reason for our existence and the existence of the universe. amirite?

We do. It's called the anthropic principle:

We, observers, exist. And that we exist in this Universe, and therefore the Universe exists in a way that it allows observers to come into existence