I want to see more shows with People who are smart, emotionally well-adjusted, and competent making good informed decisions with critical thinking and planning, amirite?

So, you're in to fantasy then?

There is a >0% chance that the universe could spontaneously end and we would have no idea, amirite?

There is a theory that the whole universe is the result of a rather extravagant quantum fluctuation. Its happening all around us all the time where a particle (or many) and it's anti-particle pair are spontaneously created out of nothing, undergo a few more transformations and collapse back into nothingness before the universe notices that the law of conservation of energy has been violated.

But imagine that, but on a much much larger scale. Due to some freak of probability, one such fluctuation cascaded and grew into what we see as the universe today, and it will, sometime, collapse back into empty vacuum.

We should place a curfew forcing everyone to sleep/stay home at night. amirite?
@Achilles982 There it is! The stupidest thing I've read all day!

I laughed at this guy clearly not knowing how residential solar works.

"Wouldn't need giant batteries to power our homes"

You're not off grid with solar and for it to power your home off grid or during a power outage, you would need multiple large batteries connected to your system.

There'd be a lot less animals in the world if everyone was vegan. amirite?

There would be issues, such as over farming of certain crops

Gas station pumps that play loud commercials are dangerous and annoying, amirite?

This is so odd to me, never heard of those in Canada. Where abouts are you? 👀

Canadiens are tree vampires, amirite?

We dont kill them though. They are our thrawls and we harvest them only once a year. First maple, then birch.

since numbers are arbitrary in another world 9+10 could equal 21, amirite?
This generation of isn't dumber than any that came before them. It is just getting harder to cheat at school. amirite?
Chances are if you think you're stupid you are actually smart because stupid people won't have the intellectual power to realise they're stupid. amirite?

If you think you're smart you're most likley stupid

People who pay with cash should get their own line, so they can all suffer together, amirite?

Someone call a wambulance.

Union jobs suck. amirite?

Wow, management sucks, there's a revelation!

That's why we need unions. If every job unionized they wouldn't be able to act like that.

All men are cremated equal. amirite?
Graveyards are such a waste of space, amirite?
The vast majority of the sky is actually below our feet. amirite?
@Manualham Vast majority=50%? Or do you mean our atmosphere?

Think he means since the world is round, most of the 'sky' in the atmosphere is below us if you made a perfectly straight line below your feet.

Vikings kidnapped all the beautiful blonde women that's why Scandinavian countries are full of them, amirite?
@Apartlavishness whta race are you

Don't see why that matters, but I'm white with blonde hair and blue eyes.