Birds observe us from above, and sometimes from inside our own homes as pets. Once they learn enough, they will turn back into dinosaurs and take over. amirite?

Birds aren't real, but they are observing us…

Shortcuts are praised as much as they are condemned. amirite?

Getting the reward,(whatever that may be for you), by doing the least amount of effort

Assuming that humans live for ever, we would reach a point were the earth would fill and the last two unmarried people remaining will have no choice but to date each other or not marry at all. amirite?

Or they could choose to remain unmarried and happy.

Mr. Blue Sky and Here Comes the Sun are two different experiences of the same event, amirite?

The same could be said of every love song ever written

Tummy tucks and liposuction are gut renovations for humans. amirite?

Learning to love your body the way it is is a renovation for your self image

Kim Kardashian is older than Britney Spears. amirite?

Britney has had extreme stress since a teen, let her live!

Spicy tuna rolls will not exist in 30 years, amirite?

So is there going to be some sort of run on Starkist and Tobasco?

Our technological and medical progression could have been wayyyy advance if people from the past wasn't killed being accused of performing black magic, sorcery, witchcraft, etc. while in reality performing scientific researches. amirite?

Masks wearing was called theatrical in DC today. This is still happening.

Whoever is farming people is doing a great job. amirite?

A giant tax farm.

Spoons are miniature shovels, amirite?

Nah, shovels are giant spoons.

Flipping burgers for yourself is considered independence. Flipping burgers for others you don't know is considered demeaning. Flipping burgers for others you do know is considered an honor. amirite?
@bertlp I think the big difference between these is the reward you get: flipping for yourself, you're rewarded by getting...

Yeah this is it.

Flipping for strangers...who are homeless/in need of food, would be another example of the reward determining how society percieves it.

You're probably not going to be the last person to reply, amirite?

I will, except I wont

Unlike any physical sport, doping in chess instantly makes you orders of magnitude better than the world champion. amirite?

Nootropics are banned from chess competitions.

Companies are purely motivated by money, yet don't want employees purely motivated by money. amirite?
@BigMemer Capitalism would be a great system if it was limited to free contracts between equal individuals, but when the two...

I think capitalism as a default is good, but needs referees willing to step in when it doesn't work.

Now, I know some might read that second part and become uneasy. "Doesn't that leave the door open to an oppressive government? I care too much about freedom for this refereeing stuff." To those people, let me just say one thing: I care about freedom as much as you do. I just think it is dangerous to think of the government as the only entity capable of taking it away.

Pickpockets must be struggling a lot lately. amirite?

In our area? They have become late night car door handle jigglers