athiests r dum, amirite?

It's funny because you misspelled every word.

Pooping is a terrible thing to do! It hurts before, during, and after. amirite?

... No it doesn't.

We're hipocryts when we say "I hate how (younger grade)ers think they are so cool" because we probably felt pretty cool when we were in (younger grade), amirite?
@people who say one thing (usually negative) and then do that same thing. i.e. when i tell you smoking is bad for...

(xx Asher ( L ) xx):

I know what it means, I was just implying that he spelled it wrong.

No men would care if they got raped by a girl, it's only rape if it's jailbait and ugly/fat women, and sodemy. Amirite?

A homosexual man would care.

Everything tastes better when you drink it out of a glass bottle, amirite?
Deep fried twinkies are a blocked artery on a plate, amirite?

I've never eaten a Twinkie on a plate before o_o

lqtm has a lot more meaning then lol, amirite?
An 11 year old can go out with a 13 year old, IF the 11 year old is mature and dosn't act like a total dumbass? amirite?

Bahaha worst post on this site.

There so much to your teacher thrmen what youseee at school. I would have never guessed it but my teacher goes to church and sings in the choir. And all this I thought she worshiped the devil. Sorry Gibson! So don't judge a book by it's cover, amirite?

Not trying to be mean or anything but you should really proofread your post before you submit it.

Having a calculator watch, and spellcheck built into just about everything has made me almost incapable of doing simple maths and spelling anything longer than spaghetti correctly, amirite?

I forgot everything I learned in elementary school because of that.

Stall doors should always open outward, not inward. It's awkward trying to get out of a stall when it opens in, amirite?

But then you have the risk of hitting someone with the door.

In The Bible, God killed more people than Satan did, amirite?
@Bear_Sheba Satan kills people? I though he was just a corrupter

By corrupting people, I guess he could cause them to murder another person and technically that would mean Satan killed that person.

Downloading free illegal music is awesome, amirite?

I'm not gonna click the "Yeah You Are!" button because then the government will be after me.

Stall doors should always open outward, not inward. It's awkward trying to get out of a stall when it opens in, amirite?
@Rocky Not if you're cautious.

Yeah, but most people aren't too cautious when exiting a stall.

you know someone is your true freind when they put up with all of your crap, and then still say that you're an awesome person, amirite?