When do you think we will hear about Donald Trump's investments in Qatar and Dubai, where one construction worker dies every two days due to lack of safety regulations; or that his signature clothing line is made in mexico, even as he decries "trade deals that are bad for American workers".
@Wunderscore 100% Everyone I think it at least somewhat selective of what parts they show to others, on the Internet and in person.

I would even guess 100% in RL are hiding behind a mask they have created to disguise themselves.

Belief is the death of reason
@Indie Thank you but now I'm a bit perplexed. You're question was whether or not belief was the death of reason, I gave an...

As always, it comes down to semantics.
Can we even agree in a definition of "believe"?

I "make believe" all the time
I pretend that I know the floor
will support my weight
when I rise in the morning
to put on my slippers
but I don't know that for a fact
floors sometimes collapse
Do I "believe" it will support me?
I think {so and so} makes more sense

I don't use the word believe
in the same sense as the word "suspect"
I suspect the floor will support me
I don't "believe" it will

What a wonderful world this would be
if everyone who "believed"
in their ideologies
only "suspected"
that their "beliefs" were true
They would be less like to
kill other people
to support their belief

The founding fathers did not say
"We believe these these truths..."
they said "We hold these truths..."
they were too wise to believe anything

To attempt communication
is to attempt agree on the meaning of words.
We cannot allow ourselves to
simply believe something to be true
and then claim that as knowledge

I chose a definition of "believe" long ago
and I stick with it
in all conversations.
I use other words like
"think" and
"accept" -
instead of believe

believe is too vague
avoid it like the plague.

@Bruno56 This is just a TEST to see if html works here... <b>bold</b> <i>italics</i> ...

So we can put two operators in a row on either side of the text

/ for italics

  • for bold
  • for strikethrough
    _ for underscore

So // like that on both sides

-- strike --
__ under __

Do You Like Your Job?

Yes, I am a Student. I very much like my job :-)

Really liking this site!