About me.

My name is Faith(: I love Indians. It's true.
I tend to think I'm actually a lot more hilarious than I actually am, so if my sense of humor sucks, don't tell me. I prefer to have my parade NOT rained on.

The Toy Story movies are amazing. Probably the best three movies I've ever seen.

I like how when you eat Cheetos, your fingers get ORANGE.

My best Christmas present I've ever gotten were probably my sparkly unicorn stickers...

I'm 15, but sometimes, I swear I'm 5 at heart.(:

I love Adam Lambert, and hate Justin Bieber. Talk about JB to my face and I will probably slap you. Adam Lambert, on the other hand, I would love you forever and ever. And EVER.

Mountain Dew is amazing. Don't dispute this.

Yep, that's all you need to know.(: