I Think President Trump Has Been Doing A Tremendous Job!
The list of accomplishments is huge.
Which one do you think is most significant?

Brilliant comeback!

But seriously, isn't all the winning great?

Bees don't ask for consent before they pollinate, amirite?
@StarzAbove Thanks for letting me know. I have never agreed with the anonymous posting but it's back again.

Just when you think all the troublemakers have been driven out,...
Boom - Anonymous!

When the icecaps melt, Florida will be under 8 ft of water. Amirite

Do you promise?

Should the US Postpone the 2020 election until we deal with the issue of voter fraud?

No - the vote must go on!
Democrat voter fraud is still manageable.

Awe, someone will catch eating lunch at Chik Fil A and the fascination with her will be over.
Millennials have the attention span of a gnat

Twitter sucks.

I talk to my child like I am his/her friend to better understand my child.

I talk to my kids too.
I am their father - way better than a friend.


" NEWSFLASH: One doesn't have to be white to be racist. "
Oh boy - you're gonna take some heat for that!

You got:
Wyatt Earp
Arguably the most recognized figure of the Wild, Wild West, chances are good you match up with this icon for good reason: you're a Statesman. You uphold the law. In school you were the hall monitor. The student council President. The crossing guard. There's not one blemish on your record as far as the law goes, like a superhero of the ancient kind, wearing a badge of honor as you patrol the town like a harbinger of old Western justice. Chances are good you want to be a law enforcement officer, or serve in the military. Whatever the case, you're not afraid to pack a firearm, but for sure you're only willing to use it for the right reasons. Nothing less.

27 / 29 (Not Stupid At All)
We really hope you don't think that you're stupid because you're not! You got every single one of these questions right making you the exact opposite of stupid. Don't ever let anyone tell you any different.

LIke Boz - I'm so confused! It says I missed two...then says I got "every single one" correct. Maybe the #&*ing QUIZ is stupid!


Yes, I know.
Donald Trump is president.
It WILL be okay.

I haven't noticed too much, but I've only been dropping in once in awhile since early November.

Aggressive users were busy getting others kicked off that were not like minded. I assumed that there WAS indeed a moderator that was for what ever reason beholding to the aggressive users. Figuring that I am also disliked by the aggressive users - it would simply be a matter of time before I got booted too. So, I found a new home, but visit occasionally.

I guess that's not exactly on point - sorry.