I have been the other woman in so far a 10 year relationship. I was 22 then, I'm 32 now. He keeps saying he is getting a divorce "after the holiday", but there is always another holiday around the corner. I love him and he loves me. Am I being stupid? Can anyone relate? Am I wasting my romantic life? What should I do?

No one knows better than you Sweet Other.
You know what the two of you are doing is wrong. HE is double dipping in wrong, cuz he's unwilling to commit to you or his wife.
Do the right thing - move on with your life.

I'm new here and just want to say hello!

Let's just save some time and block me.

There should be something in place to prevent America from electing to become a facist state.

First, great job in keeping with you anti-troll post earlier. I know as one of "Trump's ilk", I really appreciate that you've only implied that Trump is creating a fascist state instead saying it out right. It is far less enraging!

I also think it's swell that you found a way to have unnamed 'religious leaders' dis Trump's family values instead of coming out and simply identifying something real. That is helpful too.

I realize even though much of your explanation centers on Trump, you clearly stated that "I'm not saying it's happening just yet" - so obviously if anyone was to assume you were bashing on Trump - well how wrong could that be?

But as to the question in your headline - I think that Troopers idea is excellent and I think that protecting our sovereignty as a nation, controlling immigration to the country is very important too.

OMG! I didn't know there was such a thing!
It's revolting! Makers and owners of these things should be publicly shamed, the dolls destroyed. [I do not not want to hear a single word about the rights of perverts! The line is drawn here!][

Mothers, ... Fathers, ... hold your children close. There are human animals hunting for them!

If you're talking about how to use 'the mechanics' of the site - observing and asking questions is a good idea.

As far as posting and commenting is concerned - I know some will disagree, but there's no period of initiation or probation period. Ask questions! Provide comments! Upvote, downvote, private message - use the site's features! Why wait? How else do you learn - really?

If your post causes a stir - so what? Now, that being said, inflammatory remarks, volatile topics are going to get responses - sometimes quite fiery - so don't be surprised or get your feelings hurt.

But, if you're all grown up and have something you want to share - do it! \

Be sure to read posts and comments of others. Before long you will find like minded people and some that are not. You'll make friends - you'll make a few enemies too. You'll find that there are some control freaks that will block you in an attempt to intimidate and keep you from writing anything contrary to their point of view. Learning who those people are can be helpful.

Porn and racist posts and comment aren't tolerated by anybody - you will get your walking papers doing that.

Most of all - have fun! And welcome to Amirite!

The deep south is it's own special place, amirite?

Some of the nicest people you'll ever meet are in the South.

Wish granted!

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And, more than that I wish you peace, and comfort. My friend Zonkey, I so wish there was something I could do to save you from this stressful situation.

Married 26 years years today and would not trade any of it for a single minute of pleasure.

Congrats Vic!

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Happy Birthday John!

Have an intensely great Day Masha!
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Happy Birthday Ada!
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How can a woman who has lost interest in sex be so selfish to not give it up to her husband who still desires it? Isn't that totally selfish?

So, she should put out just cuz he wants it? Ahh, no.

Sex is more than a bodily function for Pete's sake. It's a shared, intimate experience. If she is shamed into having sex, it becomes no more meaningful than taking a dump.

Serenity helped me make my Private messages truly private. It was easy to do and I'm glad she pointed out that messages I had assumed were private, actually were not until I made the adjustment.

I mean, just imagine how awful it would be if messages you sent that you wanted to be kept top secret were suddenly made public because you didn't take proper security precautions. [That kind of thing happened to some famous person recently ... Who was that again?]

A tip of the hat to Serenity for bringing up an important security matter to help us out. Thank you!

I "am blocked by" you

Amazon Key to allow delivery of packages inside your home when you're away. Are you cool with that?

Ain't gonna happen! Pups won't let anyone in, ... alive.