About me.

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Welcome to my profile. I hope your visit is fun and informative... and all that.
Mini-Bio that doesn't actually reveal much life information cause of privacy:
I'm (just like about half the people on this site) a straight, pro gay-rights, pro choice, pretty liberal, teenage girl in the US. I don't believe in any gods because I've never seen any proof of existence for them. I'm a Unitarian Universalist.
I think grammar is important, even online and while texting. I know, I know. I text with correct grammar and capitals and punctuation and everything. gasp Please try to contain your astonishment.
--Childhood's End l smilie
--Harry Potter
--Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
--The Giver
Movies & TV Shows:
--Doctor Who
--Buffy the Vampire Slayer (and everything else Joss Whedon has made)
--Chameleon Circuit
--Sara Bareilles
Other Stuffs
--Pet rats
--Learning French...sorta
--learning lojban.. again with the sorta
--Trying to (pathetically slowly) teach myself C#
--My AP Comp Sci class where I learn awesome things.
--People who judge books/TV Shows/people without reading/watching/meeting them
--Songs whose lyrics have about five different words total
--Pushy religious people (If you believe in a god(s) or are religious, great, good for you, I wish you a happy life with your god. But leave me out of it!)
--People screwing up your/you're and there/they're/their
--The kerning in this font that makes c and l look like d. cl d See it? DRIVES ME INSANE.
Alright, that's about it.
Really, I don't get any more interesting.
Go away now.
Seriously, go read my posts or something.
Go back to the homepage.
Go be nice and vote on some just ins.
Update your own profile.
Wander on YouTube.
Start a new book.
Watch AVPM.
Go annoy somebody you actually know.
Learn something new.
Do your homework.
Check your email.
Check today's woot.com.
Lose the game.
Win the game?
Get a job.
Stop expecting me to plan your life. Go away.
Omne ignotum pro magnifico (I have a long explanation for why I love this. Message me if you want to know.)
You can also feel free to contact me at buffyinthetardis@gmail.com.