The "gifted" classmates in grade-school, were the kids that had good parents and a stable home environment. amirite?

I can personally say this isn't true

The only way to win a theoretical argument is to lose, amirite?

Someone's gotta explain this to me

If you want to understand the universe start with conceptualizating sound as language, even non human sounds, amirite?
@Ghostturdz Mad how every single sound ever is a vibration

Quantum mechanics foundational premise is that everything we know as energy, and its emergent properties governed by e=mc2 , is some form of a wave

Condom Companies, such as Trojan and Durex, are slowly putting themselves out of business, amirite?
A average person has slept more times than has lived his age in days, amirite?

someones never been on a ekky bender lol

Listening to narcissist "trying" to small talk is so tiring, amirite?
You know how if you have too many chromosomes you have Down syndrome, if you didn't have enough chromosomes would that be up syndrome. amirite?
Gloves and socks are cousins, amirite?
Bombs will be harder to defuse if all of its wires were the same colour, amirite?
Attractive people telling unattractive people that looks don't matter is the same as rich people telling poor people that money doesn't matter, amirite?
Mushrooms don't go bad they just grow more mushrooms and get bigger, amirite?
@Really? What do they grow?

Mold? Tf are you on right now?

The word puppy is cute itself. amirite?

Because we associate it with a cute image in our heads

In 20 to 30 years there will be nursing homes filled with old guys listening to heavy metal, amirite?

You know it

It's better to eat pies that have a great diameter. amirite?

I read this as "It's better to eat pies than have a great diameter".

The Toys in Toy Story must have seen Andy jerking off at least once, amirite?

Nice you've ruined my childhood just a bit...