About me.

Hello. I'm Caerwyn. Just a person. I'm not very interesting. I promise.

I guess I'll add a little more.
My favorite sports are volleyball and gymnastics, the latter I did as a child.
I'm extremely self conscious. I probably shouldn't even be allowed out of my house.
The things I say on Amirite? I would never say in real life, even the good things.
I'm probably the most feminine straight male ever.
I'm 20 and in my third year of college.
My girlfriend and my twin sister are the only two people I am myself around.

Oh, and feel free to message me. I get lonely all by my lonesome.

http://ctrlv.in/90522 I stole this from Hectic_Glow's page, but it's the best thing ever.

I'm joining the mango craze. I'm such a conformist.

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