I can't believe that that worked for you twice in the same post.

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His dandruff..

"Don't make me blow a stream of gentle air into your ear. >.>"

Good times~

No cause then Will Smith would be my dad.

@fangirl12 He gets even taller at the end of the series.

Does that mean that we can assume that he finally drank milk?

At first I thought you were talking about a sidewalk crack. Like in that little phrase that goes "If you step on a crack you'll break your mother's back."

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"And im all outta gum."

Or maybe no one just likes you.

@Jelly_Jar Then everyone could tell who has the night shift.

Hahahaha, that would be awesome. "See that guy over there... well he has the night shift."

To me, our calves are the most attractive parts of our body. Both male and female. But I have to say.. Female calves are just.. sexier. At least in my opinion..

Epic. How the heck were you able to find this??

And Herp-a-Derp should be considered a sport.

Someone could make it official that lefties write from right to left. And when you're handing in tests there will be a lefty pile and a righty pile. Then some kid will complain about discrimination and somehow it'll become a national problem.

Yup, I can see that happening.

i find this funny because my classmate started saying this a few weeks ago. like outta nowhere. he'll say it after everything he says. lol!