About me.

First things first: I'm not a fan of the new management, so my activity on this site is now minimal. You can still message me if you need to get a hold of me.


The name's Caleb. 14 15 (and a half) 16 years old. Freshman Sophomore Junior. I live in Nebraska. I've been on here a year and a half. This paragraph will probably be wrong sometime soon because I'm terrible at updating this I don't have a life so I sit here and wait for reasons to update this page. I never use this site anymore.

I play a pretty good piano. Enough to impress the ladies.

I like a lot of genres of music, but classic rock is my favorite. Boston is my favorite. The Who, Pink Floyd, Rush, Jethro Tull, and Led Zeppelin are among my favorites.

Add me on PSN. caleb_2014 . Give me your amirite name so I know who you are. We can pwn some Battlefield if you want.

I'm more than likely on chat right now. Come talk to me and some of my favorite users including: Chat is gone, but these people are still awesome.

Ed Finna (Edward_FINNA) - (this list isn't in order Ed, don't get excited) Ed is one of the first friends I made on chat. He's a cool guy, but I'll beat him in any face-off. He has a life now, so he's rarely online but when he is, we have a hella good time. He also plays Battlefield and that's cool

Shelby (shelbybuckffs)- Shelby is an amazing individual. I love the shit out of her. She's smart, funny, and nice, but most of all, a great friend.

Jade (DarthJader)- Jade is (geographically) the third closest amiriter to me. She's funny and I enjoy talking to her. She's also a band geek like me, so that makes her extra cool.

Russ (death_or_glory)- Russ is an interesting fellow, and I enjoy talking to him. His favorite band is Rush so that makes him super cool.

Kayla (I don't know her amirite account)- Kayla is a good friend of mine, and talking to her brightens up my day.

Hands (handsy) - Hands is an awesome friend, and even though she isn't on much, I still love her. Talking to her is one of my favorite things. She has good taste in video games.

Bobo Ryan (bthehobo) - Ryan and I first bonded through similar music interests. He's an amazing guitarist, and some day we're gonna be in a band together. He also plays Battlefield and that's cool.

Dre (Kalopsia) - Dre is like an older sister to me. Even though she likes Britney Spears, I can forgive her because she gives me good advice.

Shadi (Shadi) - Shadi is an eccentric fellow, and honestly, I don't know what he's trying to say most of the time. But talking to him is so much fun, and I think he may be the funniest human being on this planet)

Ellen (sugarbaby) - Ellen is super sweet and always fun to talk to.

Miller (HMDucky) - Miller has nice buns. You know, like her hair? Shuddup. Miller is a good friend of mine and whenever she's online it's sure to be a party.

Carter (Courage_Wolf) - Carter is a cool guy and plays cool video games.

Chase (Skr3wBall)- Chase is a cool little guy, and is going to be one of the world's most famous techno artists when he grows up. He has good taste in video games and is also a hilarious dude.

Seana (awesomesocks)- She may not be on very often, but she's definitely one of the coolest people I've talked to on chat.

Mike Hawk (Mike_Hawk) - Mike is a pretty cool guy and always starts awesome conversations. Haven't seen much of him lately. He's probably dead.

Geff (cheshire_cat) - Speaking of dead people, (I'm awesome at segues) Geff has actually died before. That's cool. Anyways, Geff is a great guy and a good friend. Don't let the color of his skin fool you, he's actually English/Scottish/Arabic. Well not really, but that's what his crazy accent sounds like.

Christian (BonslyGuy)- Christian has also died before. He likes pokemon and that's cool. He's also a really cool guy and a good friend to talk to.

Dennis (Sun) - Deenus is my special asian friend. At the moment I'm mad at him for giving me a terrible spot on his bio, so I'm not going to say anything nice about him. His brother Kevin is a much cooler person than him.

Meg (ilikefurrywolves4815) - Meg is a really cool girl. Her interests include nutella, genetics, and excessive use of caps lock.

Lauren/Ling (ling_ling) - Lingy is a very funny girl and an awesome friend. Although she can't type my name, she always livens up chat. And then she kills it. But that's forgivable.

Gage (FlotatiousTurd)- Gage is my fellow Nebraskan and (geographically) the second closest amiriter to me. He's a cool guy and a good friend. Even though our beliefs differ dramatically, we can put aside those differences and talk about all sorts of amazing nonsense. He also plays Battlefield and that's cool.

Hilary (LarryHi) - Hilary is super pretty and nice, and I enjoy talking to her.

Bre (Bre) - Bre is also like an older sister to me. She has an awesome taste in TV shows, and you can bet that every Sunday, we're discussing the latest Walking Dead/Breaking Bad.

Laila (TheObliviousPanda) - Laila is my amazing, beautiful Muslim friend. She never comes on to chat, and that's a shame. But I still love her.

Katrin (Katrin) - Katrin is my other fellow Nebraskan and is (geographically) the first closest amiriter to me. She's dating a good friend of mine, and I've actually met her once. She's cool.

There are much more (I'm too lazy to name everyone)

I don't make posts often, and when I do, they're probably shit.