About me.

mm, hey! you're pretty cool for checking out my profile.
yeah, i'm a pretty cool girl. with brown eyes. and blonde hair.
i am in looooove with the ICONic boyz. ESPECIALLLLLY vinny, nicholicious, and spikey mikey, <3
i'm obsessed with these people right thurr^ but i'm gonna marry vincent castronovo jr. SO BACK OFF, BITCHES.
i like scary movies.
my lucky number is 13.
i'm a dancer; pointe, ballet, modern, hiphop.
i'm not afraid to stand up for what i believe in.
i speak my mind.
my favorite color is blue.
my birthday is in august.
i like hedgehogs.
my favorite song right now is "without you" by david guetta.
i like hip hop/r&b.
i'm in honors classes at school.
i luvluh my friends.
my favorite store is american eagle.
i honestly dont care if people like me.
i like sobe smoothies and lifewater.
my favorite kind of mac and cheese is the spongebob kind.
oreos are yummy.
i like bagels.
psych psych psych psych psych. gus gus gus gus gus. <3
i like starburssst.
i wanna move to new jersey.
thats my favorite state,^ even though i dont live there.
yeah. enough for now. talk to me if you wanna get to know me,
kbye. c: