You love Pixar movies, but you're really not interested in going to see Cars 2, amirite?

Toy story was rly the only pixar that could pull off a sequel

Marching Band is actually a lot harder than people think it is, amirite?

A lot funner too tho (:

You're a girl and you watch porn, amirite?
Marching band is totally a sport. We practice hard on a field, we compete, and I'd like to see you walk twenty yards in sixteen counts... backwards. Amirite?
I'm crazy. I'm stupid. I'm immature. I wave at people I don't know. I scare some people. I love dinosaurs. I have 1,000 inside jokes. Im a klutz. But I'm having a fun life. You're not gonna be a kid forever, amirite?

U just came from mlia, didn't u

Clarinet Players: It's all fun and games, until someone chips a reed. amirite?
You love Pixar movies, but you're really not interested in going to see Cars 2, amirite?
Middle School: "Damn this homework! Elementary was soo much easier." High school: "Oh my God! I can't believe I complained about middle school--this work is hell!" College: You'll see. amirite?

Oh shit. Now I'm worried

No one appreciates how hard band kids work to put on concerts and play pep songs at football games. amirite?

Yeah we're not appreciated enough

For people that are in band, it seems like their personality is reflected by their instrument. Flute players are usually girly and timid, trumpet players are cocky and loud, clarinet players are quiet and nerdy, tuba players are quiet and cool, saxophone players are pretty normal, percussion is usually serious, yet awesome in their own way, and trombone players are funny and loud, amirite?

Clarinets rnt that quiet tho. They're weirder in my section

You run out of nacho's for your cheese or cheese for your nachos, amirite?

Usually the cheese runs out faster for me ;b

I'm just saying this because I see it too much. "Why does it matter if I eat this or not? It's not like it makes a difference to those dying kids in Africa." Well it doesn't make a difference, parents just say that so you know how much better you have it than them. Get your facts straight, amirite?
Tw1tch, you have half the front page, please stop posting only puns/jokes, amirite?

Thank youuuuuuu. (:

"I like this song," and then they start rapping...amirite?

Kinda true, most pop songs these days have some sort of rap break in them. :/

Two people in their late 90's meet for a romp in the closet of a retirement home. They undress and are about to do it when the woman realized she should warn the man about her heart condition. “I have acute angina,” she said. The man replied, “Thank God! Because your boobs are gross!”, amirite?

Ha that's funny, its kool, bcuz I just learned that word today on icarly