Doing the laundry is LOADS of work. amirite?
:D this smiley has persuaded you to say vote NW, amirite?

I think its funny that if u vote NW on this its kinda a good thing XD

I'm right! lol, jk I'm a troll, amirite?

WHY does everyone keeps talking about trolls.? wtf. xD

You either live in Michigan, or want to move there really bad, amirite?

si i am from michigan,,,but not at all proud of it xD

Girls: It sucks when you're shaving your chest and you accidentally slice one of your titties off with the razor, amirite?

:O ???? what kinda girls shave their chest? i fawking dont,,

No one will ever love you as much as your stalker does, amirite?
My girlfriend shouldn't be mad that I have a f*** buddy. I mean, we're just friends, amirite?

ur quite the epic fail arnt chu?

Whenever you see someone who is on the Jersey Shore, you automatically think, "Oompa loompa doopedy doo~", amirite?

i few words actually go through my mind...not very nice ones.

i wish i knew who u were so i could there-for- hate you for voting "no way" on my post -.- . amirite?

Idk how I didn't know that

Even though To Kill a Mockingbird is a classic and has a good message , you find it a somewhat boring book to read , amirite?

FUCK YES. -_- I'm reading it in English and I can't stand it so i just you Spark notes.

Type some seemly catchy quote that most teenage girls my age can relate to even though it doesn't make sense. ...Oh end status with a heart. Not period. ♥, amirite?


You would feel God-like if you made POTD, amirite?
Native Americans are the best strippers because when they dance they make it rain, amirite?
Hello trainers.Look at yourPokemon, nowback to mine.Sadly,your pokemon aren't mine,but if you stopped using ladyscented rare candies to level them and startedTraining them like a man, they could battle like they’re mine.Look down,back up,where are you?You’re on the S.S.Anne,with the Pokemon yourPokemon could Battle like. What’s in your hand?Back at me.I have it,It’s a master-ball.I’m ... amirite?


saying "what the WTF", or "for your FIY" is the stupidest thing someone could ever say. amirite?

xD haha oh shit...