About me.

I'm a very proud Canadian citizen, so let's get that out of the way. I am not exactly new here, but I've not been as long as other people have been. It's been a year and 2 months right now. Amirite has really educated me on some topics I would have been ignorant about otherwise. I'm not going to say I'm mature because I'm still very young and I have a lot to learn, but don't think I don't know what I'm talking about when I argue. My rule is to only argue about the things I know a lot about. My parents are from Ethiopia, with just a little bit of Italian in me. Let's just begin with the things that most people have on their profiles....

Political Views
Since I am Canadian, I would fit under the NDP or Newly Democratic Party. At least, when I am of age, I will vote for them.
I am:
-pro gay marriage
-pro choice
-anti capital punishment
-very supportive for the funding of education and their staff
-okay with war when there is very good reason (it's inevitable)
-pro-mildly strict gun control (can't exactly phrase it)

Religious Views

I was raised a Muslim by a Muslim family. My father is a Christian, but he left when I was a kid. Weirdly enough, I am an agnostic atheist. I am not entirely sure about the idea that an all powerful being created all of this, but I will not deny it. It can be true for all I know. I am human and I try not to deny any possibility that might make any sense.


I am in the 10th grade right now. I am hoping to be a family physician when I am an adult so science is my main focus, along with math. I do, however, love math a lot more than I love science. The area of science I am most interested in and love to look into is chemistry. I only know the basics, so don't expect me to know a whole lot. Even though I have spoken English my entire life, I do not like English class. I love reading books, poems and anything of the like, but I can't write a proper essay for the life of me.


I am a feminist, pro-gray(ist) and anti-racism activist. I know most about the women's rights movement even though I am not male and am an African American.

Here are just a list of musical artists/bands I like:

Solo Artists:
-Imogen Heap
-Ellie Goulding
-Regina Spektor
-Florence+The Machine
-Ingrid Michealson
-Jamie Cullum
-James Blunt
-Jason Mraz
-Kate Nash
-La Roux
-Natasha Bedingfield
-Ray LaMontagne
-Sara Bareilles
-Andy Grammer
-Eliza Doolittle
-Fiona Apple
-Lily Allen
-Paloma Faith
-Sufjan Stevens

-Airborne Toxic Event
-Death Cab For Cutie
-Company of Thieves
-Mumford and Sons
-Noah and the Whale
-Of Monsters and Men
-The Cinematic Orchestra
-The Civil Wars
-Two Door Cinema Club

I am an active television viewer.
-Doctor Who
-Game of Thrones
-How I Met Your Mother
-Big Bang Theory
-The Mentalist
-The Tudors
-Legend of Korra
-Once Upon A Time
and others I haven't mention

I have 4 celebrity crushes who I have dubbed my queens.
-Emilia Clarke
-Katie McGrath
-Natalie Dormer
-Lana Parrilla