@Omgz, ditto? He was like my favorite pokemon evar! 'cause you know, I totally love pokemon! obnoxious teenager

? oh okay... let me write that out then. The black people at my high school also do that. happy?
person that just turned 20, so she/he is feeling like she/he is the shit

@silverstarshadow3 Arguable. The problem with the nuclear bomb is that it killed people who did not "deserve it". Your teachers are...

We were in a war, and the japs wouldn't come to an agreement.. so we had to save our own people... The bombs did that. If we hadn't put an end to it like we did, there would've been many more incidents like pearl harbor.. And if we hadn't put a end to it, we may not have stopped hitler in time.. like not having enough troops to send to normandy because we didnt have enough resources because we were at war with Japan. So, yeah, we hurt many people on the enemies side, but the repercussions of it were us and our allies benefiting.