Sloppy joe and Memphis dry rub sound less like a food and more like Sex positions. amirite?

Old joke.

Anything sounds sexual if you put a place name in front of it.

'Warsaw tricycle.'

'Chicago donuts'

'Brooklyn rug burn.'

'Shanghai noodles.'

The next generations are going to have a large amount of children that can look up their parents naked online. amirite?
There are people who broke world records that didn't even realize that they did. amirite?
Hope is always dangerous, amirite?

Not Always, quite rare. It's always Dangerous to live without it though.

The fat movement is the only movement that does not require movement, amirite?
Those vegetarians who bite their nails and nearby skin. They're not only non-veg, they're freaking cannibals! amirite?

Eeeew. Nearby skin - I hope you don't mean the other people nearby.

Number of people older than you never increases. amirite?

I just travel east to gain a day.

Or I travel to space to actually age slower physically.

Life as you know it could just be one long lucid dream. amirite?

If it were a lucid dream we'd be aware of it being a dream.

There are more atoms in a spoon, than there are spoons in Atlantic Ocean. amirite?

Time to change that consider it done.

There is no reason why the alphabet has to be in that order, amirite?
@Trashy21 Just like there's no reason for you to exist.

No idiot, we exist because our parents wanted us to be born

A true skeptic would also doubt science. amirite?

A true skeptic would doubt settled science.

Since light is an electromagnetic wave, a faraday cage can theoretically work on it, amirite?

I don't think light is electromagnetic? photons and electrons are different things.

then again, science at this level of the universe don't often conform to logic.

Not only have we all been in the same room as our parents whilst they engaged in sexual activity (when pregnant) but we have technically also participated in it as we were inside our mothers womb, amirite?

You are trying way too hard to show how hip and naughty you can be

A right handed person will never understand the volume of daily-use items that are comfortably built for them. amirite?
@Lecturesea7537 Can't you just flip it over and restring it as long as it's not asymmetrical?

„¿lɐɔıɹʇǝɯɯʎsɐ ʇou s,ʇı sɐ ƃuol sɐ ʇı ƃuıɹʇsǝɹ puɐ ɹǝʌo ʇı dılɟ ʇsnɾ noʎ ʇ,uɐↃ„

If you lose one of your flip flops, do you lose a flip or a flop, amirite?

Depends on if you're right or left handed also.