sewing is weird. it's just stabbing cloth with smaller cloth until it's clothes. amirite?

Well sometimes you're attaching a small piece of cloth to a big piece of cloth and it's weird to seem and it's weird to think the same mechanism with which you make a pair of jeans you can also close up a wound

There is a >0% chance that the universe could spontaneously end and we would have no idea, amirite?
If you take the average of every average, you could theoretically have THE average of everything. amirite?
If a product listed dihydrogen monoxide as an ingredient someone would definitely complain about unnecessary chemicals. amirite?

The other day I drank some dihydrogen monoxide with carbonic acid, risky I know

Putting down an animals that suffers is the "humane" thing to do, but in most cases humans with a condition that causes permanent suffering are kept alive as long as possible. amirite?

It is largely because, unlike non-human animals, suffering is relative to individual humans, and humans can ensure a ridiculous amount of suffering to achieve certain goals, or see certain events come to pass. It is meaning and purpose that gives our life, and death meaning, which makes the line between mental illness driven suicide, and voluntary euthanasia a fuzzy one.

One day there will be something even more extreme than vegan and they will shame everyone even vegans and be even more annoying. amirite?

They are called fruitarians. Vegan btw

zippers are technically named after their sound effect, amirite?

The word poop it's also the movement that ur rectum mucosa (aka asshole) do when you poop.

You don't take the wrapper off of a lollipop, you take a lollipop out of the wrapper. amirite?

So we're not supposed to eat the wrapper as well?

The voice is the hardest instrument to play, yet it's the only one most of us learn. amirite?

Well, try to learn...

If someone legitimately creates a pill that will grow penis sizes nobody will believe them. amirite?

There's genuine cream that can grow your breast size. A girl on here asked if there was a way to increase it. I told her about the cream. Some bitch tried to start a fight. There'll always be some dick being a dick.

An exorsism is a fansy word for a holy beating, amirite?
The only two people who truly understand a relationship are the two people in the relationship, it is completely unique to the two individuals and their perspective. amirite?

two or more. polyamory exists.

A pregnant dog is a dog filled with dogs, amirite?

A pregnant human is a human filled with other humans.

The empty browsing history tells more than the filled one. amirite?
@Openeyes Not really. She'll be suspicious, but a filled browsing history will confirm her suspicions

I am talking in more generic sense. If you go someone's house and somehow see a browsing history to seeing a clean history.

As adults, we imitate our heroes no more, no less than children. amirite?

So many of us wear the clothes we wear, talk the way we talk, and act the way we act because of them. Whoever they may be.