About me.

Hello surprise reader,
Fancy seeing you here eh?
I wrote this just for YOU.

My name is Anna and I'm 17years old and I'm in my last year
of high school. I'm from Australia and some day soon hope
to move (I crave the hustle bustle) although, it's quite
beautiful here.

I'm one in 6.8 billion people just one of many faces you will
probably never meet. I'm strange in my own right, but I hear
that's normal. (see what I did there?)

I'm polite and respectful, because there's no genuine reason
not to be. I don't like people who preach. Believe whatever
you want, but you cross the line by shoving it down my throat
and telling me I'm going to bad places for thinking differently.
You may not believe what I believe and I can deal with that,
I'd like to think you feel the same.

And here's a few of my beliefs summed up in a few quick lines,
because I can tell this 'about me' is getting too long for an
average attention span. Then again if you were a average person
you wouldn't read this.

Pessimistic is not the same as realistic.
Hopeful is not the same as naive.
Beautiful is not the same as skinny.
Power isn't happiness.
Love is beautiful (no matter who it's between).

Here are 5 random facts about myself- well just because,
1.) I blow my nose with one hand (in public I use two, but it's difficult)
2.) My laughter has a tendency to overwhelm me
3.) I own a mannequin and a bear the size of me
4.) I'm very clumsy, but I have never broken a bone
5.) My clock is set exactly an 1hour 13minutes ahead of the actual time.

Drop me a line if you like and I will most certainly get back to you