You're being held at gun point and you're forced to pick three posts from site. In which you find: 1. most humorous 2. most profound 3. best borderline insane/troll post. What are your choices?

Ain't nobody got time for that, just shoot me, bitch.

Why do Governments ignore the "homeless"?

Because the government wants them to get to such a low point that they the hobos end up mating with rabbits so we can finally have Hobbits.

An attached accessory for older kindles so that the elderly with poor vision and digit dexterity can utilize the keyboard effectively?

None of this is a question. It's not even a proper sentence... what are you trying to say?

Is there a way for the world to solve its problems that involves most of the population?

Yes, drop another atom bomb. But on America this time.

Are learning styles still considered important? Do schools respond to needs of different learning styles? Do students know what they need?
If we are evolving beings then what do you think we will evolve into in the future?

Morbidly obese Bieber fanatics who force our children into pageants and can't throw away anything we keep stored in our house.

Why do people enter the profession of "Law Enforcement"?

Easy access to the drugs in the evidence lockers.

What would it take to make sign language is a universal language?

Everyone going deaf and mute.

Glee will never be the same without Finn Hudson

No, it'll be just as awful as it was with him. It's Glee.

Women's rights is not a women's issue; it's a human issue. How can we ensure, therefore, that women and men are working side-by-side?

Have women run the assembly line in the fleshlight factory and have men there to test them.

You don't agree with using downvotes as a punishment. Amirite? For example, downvoting because you don't like the post or because the post is obvious.
People enjoy me yet cry before me. What am I?
George Zimmerman is innocent, Amirite?

Lucky for him Amirite isn't the jury of his peers...

I'm only one color but not one size; stuck at the bottom yet easily flies; present in the sun but not in the rain; doing no harm and feeling no pain. What am I?
What unanswerable paradoxes, patterns, and puzzles blow you away?

If Pinoccio were to say "My nose will grow"