A person shouldn't be fired from their job for being too attractive, amirite?

I've never been so offended that I haven't been fired.

If you post your password on here, it turns to stars. At least it does if it's a swear word. Amirite?


When you walk into a crowded room, trip on the corner of a rug on your way in and see everyone's eyes turn to you, you want to get swallowed up by the floorboards, amirite?

This is the way I usually handle it...
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Language text books need more realistic and entertaining examples like "Your family is sickeningly rich and just hired a new maid. Use your vocab to tell consuela where everything belongs. Be sure use an extra rude tone!" or "You're a drug addict and hankering for a cocaine fix. Unfortunately, your dealer gave directions to the pick-up spot in Spanish. Can you translate them and get your drugs before you go into withdrawals?"

With the last example, though, watch a bunch of morons in class translate those directions and then follow them to see if there actually is a guy there selling coke. And of course there probably would be and then you've got a bunch of morons who are addicted to cocaine and that is never a good combination. On the plus side, though, at least they'd still be in school, if only to see if there are any more directions to any more drugs. But they'd be in school at least, and isn't that what society cares about most?

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Running is the greatest release, amirite?
You'd be more compelled to go out in the real world and do things if life had an achievement system. Like a little icon would pop up 50 gamerscore, got married 10 gamerscore, ate healthy 30 gamerscore, got promoted amirite?

"Fell 65 feet without dying"

Can we pretend that the first four words of this sentence didn't make you think of an overplayed song? amirite?
Grammar Nazis: Because we don't get enough grammar criticism from our English teachers IN school, amirite?
@StacytheHarlot Ladies and gentlemen, do you see what I mean? ;)

A semi-colon followed by a parentheses has no grammatical purpose. They both should have been been omitted.

Grammar Nazis: Because we don't get enough grammar criticism from our English teachers IN school, amirite?
@StacytheHarlot That's...good for you; bad for your teachers. But some can be extremely annoying.

You cannot use a semi-colon there because the second clause is dependent. Instead, you should use a conjunction. Additionally, your final sentence is a fragment.

You can tell a website is going downhill when any criticism of it is censored or removed, amirite?

I'm kind of just waiting for the notification that this post's been removed

It's not right to see a tiny coffin being lowered into the ground, amirite?

Did you try to do anything to help them when they were alive? No? Well stop complaining.

The no-tear shampoo doesn't work when watching Toy Story 3. amirite?
@StickCaveman Did anybody else cry because it reminded you that the day will come when you'll never see your friends again?

Nope. You're all alone and now you're replying to your own comment you sad, lonely, creepy fuck.

Sticks and stones may break bones, but words can make people kill themselves, saving you time you would spend finding sticks and stones. amirite?

Soon to be potd.

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