It is. Important art.


Been pulled for content. Art considered unfit.
I wonder if Michelangelos sculpture of david would be pulled for content

I suspect that the real reason the condemned is offered at last meal is not a consolation to the accused, but to ease the conscience of the executioner as he commits the same sin of which the condemned was convicted.

Capital punishment...
Cost effective...no
A deterrent...no
Sanctioned murder.

But then...military intervening into what, exactly?


I get that, chance. I do. But we dont have the president searching for justification, or rationalization over this mans murder. I get that it is complicated. But only made more so because potus cannot control his mouth.


See? Incorrigible.


You are incorrigible.


43 journalists have died, worldwide, so far this year. All of them out of hate. Do you know all their names?


Neither do i.
Well...maybe sometimes.

A low profile suits me.
I see....

I doubt it. I get dizzy when i spin.....

To everyone: if you fit into a similar category of someone who did something bad, YOU DO NOT NEED to be defensive. If there is a movement that is working on stopping the behaviour of certain people who harm others, and you happen to be of the same religion, gender, ethnicity, age, income or whatever of the "bad people", unless you are doing the "bad stuff", IT IS NOT ABOUT YOU. So, please, do not join the people who are twisting reality to make it seem like you're a target.
@Sofia Exactly. I understand that lack of information (or interest in the person to know more about others) might...

Sofia, many, many people live within their own walls. And logic plays no part in their thoughts about others.