Do you decorate your yard, house for Halloween? People in my neighborhood have blow up yard figures, orange lights on their houses...etc. Yikes.

Decorating isnt my thing. No one driving by to see, anyway.
Those inflatable figures are hideously, tacky:[


I'd eat that!


Looking at the beef, it at least looks real.


There is that:)

You people and your choices!
In the fall, the blueridge parkway in the smoky mountains is beautiful.
So...mountains and seeing natures sights...pretty good.
But...the ocean! I could spend weeks camping and fishing on a north carolina beach.

Sausage or bacon?

You havent had my smoked shoulder:).
But....i get it.

Sausage or bacon?

What am i making?

I'm ah.... bit of a junior dentist now. Today I extracted my first teeth from a patient.

Good for you, sunny!
Markos(zonkeys) turn!

22 years old. What is he doing, living with his mom?
If he put his hands on her, he needs to be in jail.

Oh...i dont have one. I refuse to eat it. I used to like a culver burger, not any more.
I shouldnt be able to taste lunch at dinner.