K. 1963. I was four.
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Hey, rev.
One year closer to paradise.
Happy birthday.
I'm sending thoughts of that very well put together young lady, twirling in the produce section. You know the one.
Hoo, hoo!!!

Seems we just did this.

Happy birthday john. I hope your day is smooth as silk.

Have a great day blew.
Happy birthday!

Green river

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Hey ada.
To a woman who has the propensity to make me smile.

Green eyed lady

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Happy birthday, sophia!
Let your hair down...soak it in:)

Hey, kat...
Happy birthday, you lil princess, you:)

Most here know how i lean. So..i am not choosing sides against a friend. I am voicing a different view.
My own.
That's if i decide to throw in my two cents...

I was directed there to read some of the reviews. I went one time. A bunch of hateful comments by disgruntled members. It was a wasted 3 minutes.
Let me say this...if i have something to say about someone...im going to say it TO that someone. If they have blocked me (i dont block....ever) they are only a faint memory.
So....anyone out there that has me blocked, if you have something to say to me, have the intestinal fortitude to unblock me, and say it.

Lemon pipers
Green tambourine

Had to look up the band

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I miss you.


It's a BOY!