Barack obama's birthday is 8/4...[8+(4/4)]/[4+[(4x2)-(4/4)]] is 9/11...HOLY SHIT OBAMAS A TERRORIST, amirite?

This is seriously the funniest post I've seen from you. Good job y smilie

I seriously dont get the point of flavored condoms, its not like you can get pregnant from sucking cock, amirite?

you can get std's ;D

Taking pictures of flowers & plants is NOT Photography... amirite?

Taking pictures of anything is photography, Idiot.

Competition for college in our generation is going to be rough, due to all the MLIA-ers getting extra credit on their tests for drawing ninjas, amirite?
@Dwight Is that a Pear or an Ovary?

Pear. I don't think ovaries should be green -.-

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Remember, if you smoke after sex, you're doing it too fast, amirite?

And so the awkward wait for a good comment begins.

If you had to lose one sense, the first you'd choose to go would be taste, amirite?
Most people who are pro-choice use the line "It's my body so it's my choice." By that logic, they're endorsing bulimia, anorexia, cutting and suicide, amirite?

It's your body; do whatever the hell you want with it as long as it doesn't harm other bodies. :)

People who state that "depression is just in the mind and depressed people should just get over it." are every ignorant people. It's not like depressed people don't want to be happy. It is a medical condition, just like cancer. Are they saying cancer patients should just get over that as well? amirite?
@Flymeister Depression is really bad but cancer is worse.

It depends, really. Some people can have a very acute form of cancer while others could have a severe case of clinical depression.

If you were stuck on an island with some of the people from amirite, you'd probably be okay, amirite?

Yes! post 333333!

It would suck for someone straight to be named Gay. Introducing yourself would be awkward. "Hi! I'm Gay!" amirite?

Or they could say, "Hi, my name is Gay."

I smile, you say I look gay. I don't smile, you say I'm not normal . I join in your conversation, you say I'm eavesdropping, I don't talk, you say I'm stupid. I do well on a test, you make fun of me for being a nerd. I do worse that you, you make fun of me for being stupid. What the hell am I supposed to do?, amirite?
@Yeah, fight fire with fire... Oh wait, that doesn't work.

fire vs. fire actually does work. Two separate fires that burn close enough together will diminish each other. Firefighters use this method when battling forest fire occasionally.

I don't know about you, but if I were a plant I would want somebody to read to me. amirite?

My sister used to talk, sing, and play the piano for her potato.

You hate those artist who think they need to put their name in the lyrics of every single one of their songs, amirite?

Jason Derulo...

There needs to be some word that teenagers can use that is slightly more serious than "like" but less serious than "love". amirite?

I think fancy would fit.