You've tried eating cereal with something other than milk before, amirite?

I accidentally used coffee cream once. It was disgusting

Justin Bieber is worth 53 million dollars. Hate on him all you want, but that's still pretty impressive considering he's like 10 years old, amirite?

LOL he's seventeen

Blink-182 isn't punk, amirite?

Crappy punk rock ;)

Agnosticism sounds like a pair of scissors, amirite?
The idea of getting stranded in outer space alone and with no way to contact Earth is quite frightening, amirite?
It would suck if someone put a ring in his dates food, but it ended up at the wrong table. Especially if the guy on the other table was going to dump his girlfriend. amirite?
@Nacklefoodle Lol that's exactly what happened on How I Met Your Mother with Robin and Ted.

Thats the first thing I thought of when I saw the post. I love HIMYM (:

It sucks that Link got sent back in time at the end of Ocarina of Time, he was not one of the Kokiri and they didnt accept him. He should have been able to stay in the future with Zelda. amirite?
Canadians must find extremely offensive, amirite?

I'm Canadian, and I think its hilarious.

Dear Survivor: 21 seasons is enough. It's time to stop. amirite?
You've always wanted to try to pull a tablecloth from under something before, amirite?

This post reminds me of Ghostbusters.

It would be interesting if someone who sat a few rows up from a sporting event brought a whistle. Thad be a game you wouldn't want to miss. amirite?

This happened one time in a hockey game I was watching. Someone brought a whistle and blowed it, and all the players stopped. But one guy realized it wasn't the refs who blowed the whistle and he scored :p

It's really annoying whenever a really funny movie comes out, EVERYBODY quotes it and it doesn't become funny anymore, amirite?
The front car on a rollercoaster is without a doubt the best place to sit, amirite?

Very back is the best place.

Gym is the worst period of the day, amirite?

I enjoy gym class.

I am a man and I can safely say I used to watch powerpuff girls and enjoyed that shit, amirite?

That show was awesome.