You have a preferred method of death. Amirite?
@Poz Yeah. But which method? I would hate to hang myself. I'd rather jump of a tall building

I would make a noose out of razor wire, put it around my neck and climb onto a chair. Then, I would glue my hands to my head and jump off. It would cut my head off with my hands still attached and look like I ripped my own head off. Cool, huh?

you hate seeing women like this, amirite?

No, I fucking love seeing people look miserable.

If a stranger starts talking to you in an elevator, just say: "I don't want to talk in case we get stuck and I have to eat you" that'll shut 'em up. amirite?

What if they say, "well I like to get to know my victims"?

Gay marriage is legal in 6 states, but having sex with a horse is legal in 23. Good Going, America, amirite?

Yeah but how many states can you have sex with gay horses?

You wonder why this site has more female users than male users, amirite?

The objective of this site is to share and defend your thoughts and opinions no matter what anybody says. That's as female as it gets

"It's annoying when you're getting head and..." it's impossible to finish that sentence, amirite?

"your girlfriend walks in"

You feel like an ass when you answer a question correctly after you've been gone for a few days, and the teacher says, "See, even Sally knows it, and she wasn't even here!", amirite?

I know. You would think the teacher would know my name by now

But mostly because they're dead

Kid in Maths class: “When are we ever gonna need this in real life?” Yeah, you may not need to know anything other than basic addition when you cash your welfare check, but the rest of us want to learn this, amirite?

"You're going to need it on your next math test, that's real life." That's what my teacher says

It would be weird if Gangnam Style was actually a giant rain dance and we brought this hurricane on ourselves. Amirite?
@I saw that 3 times today.

This was your favourite time I hope

When Adele says "I don't want to be some skinny mini with my tits out” and goes out doing a model shoot with her boobs hanging out, it defeats her whole point, amirite?
@Bob_the_Penguin Punctuation, which incidentally, you don't use well.

Says the person who used three commas in her sentence.

One of the worst (non-lethal)  things that can happen to someone who loves to read is going blind, amirite?

It would also suck of you were someone who enjoyed being alive and you stopped breathing


How dare you underestimate how pedantic I can be!

Nothing reminds you to be humble like someone you don't know telling you that you're not as great as you think you are and that you should fuck yourself, amirite?

You're as great as you think you are and you deserve to masturbate to celebrate yourself

Why do porn websites have a +1 button? I don’t want everyone to know I actually use google plus, amirite?
@This is from tumblr.

Well I am inspired by Justin Bieber but that doesn't mean I can steal his intellectual property.