It's really great to see that people care so much about God even through difficult times, amirite?

Nope. It's depressing that people don't abandon their primitive beliefs to attempt to better their lives and instead relieve themselves of all their responsibility by placing their lives in the hands of imaginary creatures conjured up by the minds of humans thousands of years ago, before recent advancements in science and technology. And when their loved ones survive their illnesses, it's despicable how people thank their God rather than the doctors that have dedicated their lives to making the actual treatment possible.

And it's remarkably arrogant to praise such irrationality.

You can waste your life drawing lines, or you can live your life crossing them.
@cvsully “Do not argue with an idiot they drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.” - Mark Twain. This...

OK, you got me, I'm an idiot, you win. Idiot old me up in here.
I wish I was clever like what you are.
I mean look at you, you have all these quotes that you just randomly took from other people, I don't have any of those!
I'm not sure how I expected to win an argument with all my idiot, when all along you were geniusing all around this argument.
I wish I had thought to call you an idiot as a super clever way of giving up the argument, but then how could I think of calling you an idiot, when you have all that clever.

Although sad, it's also cool to see a new wave of "popular" users replacing those who left. It's like a whole new generation with different opinions and senses of humor.

Yeah I used to always see ActionMan, Favvkes, glassJAw (or Kalopsia) and Gambiteer

Now I see Len, fuzala, eastcoast and ShannonIsAUnicorn!

But some people are on both sides like Watsatroll, Truuninja and Hullabaloo... or at least I think Hullabaloo...

Drunk Driving should be encouraged to weed out all the stupid people from the smart people, amirite?
We should allow the mosque to be built by ground zero and then someone should fly a plane full of muslims into it when it's full, amirite?

OKAY,BITCHES,MUSLIMS ARE AWESOME.Stop hating.My step-dad is muslim,and he's the best step-dad ever,and he's really good with electronics,that doesent mean he's gonna make a bomb,so stfu,you guys.

Straight people: girls- sometimes you see a gey guy whos cute but gey so it's suck. guys- sometimes you see a gey guy whos cute but gey and your straight so it also sucks. amirite?
@Butts ... Gey? o.o

ya some people think 'gay' is a bad word so i just say 'gey' instead, dont wanna offend people

It must really suck dick to be a girl. Haha get it? Because not only would it be horrible to be a female, but because females have to suck their bf's dicks. Hence, it would "suck cock" to be a girl. You might not think that's funny so you can just skip over this post, but don't vote NW just cuz you don't get the joke. It's not fair to do that to a post just because you don't understand. amirite?

What did I just fucking tell you not to do? If you don't get the joke go get a sense of umor

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Guys: Girls shouldn't wear yoga pants to the gym if they are not legal, amirite?

Why would yoga pants be illegal

It's annoying how everyone is putting Amanda Todd on such a high pedestal and treating her like some kind of hero. It seems like people don't understand that she is the one that started all of this and could have dealt with it better than the way she did, amirite?
@Oh please drop the "holier-than-thou" attitude. You are not Amanda Todd, and Amanda Todd is not you. You have no...

Here's a quick fact for you: 99.99999% of children are bullied. Less than 0.000001% kill themselves as a result. Her demise was 100% her own doing at every turn. I don't feel bad at all, and I don't see why I should. She obviously wasn't suited to this life, and she's not here anymore. She's not being bullied anymore, and she's not upset anymore. What is there to feel bad about?

A mafia game hosted by Sergio and Watsatroll is going to be an interesting game 10, amirite?

More like the best anniversary game ever. I can't think of anyone better to narrate game ten.

It's impossible to describe why you are angry at a parent without sounding like a lunatic. "They wanted me to eat salad! Can you believe that?" amirite?

Parent: You could never be as crazy as I was at your age!


Hand jobs=The most pointless thing ever. amirite?
@PinkUnicorn I like cereal? Im going way off topic lol :).

That was a failed attempt to be random. Get the fuck back to MLIA.

The white birds in Angry Birds are pretty counterproductive. In order to get their eggs back from the pigs, they fight them with eggs. amirite?
Every person dies two deaths: one when their heart beats no more, and the second when their name is said for the last time, amirite?