Alright boys, we know what you REALLY mean when you say we should come over and watch a movie. amirite?

ahhhhh..... yah caught us... i suppose the gigs up :D

for us guys: iv often been asked: do guys smile when they think of your girlfriends? do you think you love us as deeply as we love you? well, i say yes. whenever i think of her, i feel happy and i love her with all my heart. guys, click yes if you feel this way abut your special girl. click no if you feel as feeling that way is stupid. amirite?
@freddo This isn't how amirite works

i dont care if this is how amirite works or doesnt work. i will do it anyway.

It really sucks when the person your in love with doesn't feel that way about you. amirite?

yeah... it does.

im 15. i thought she was 15. she is 14. it don't matter, but it was a Lil bit of a surprise, amirite?

yeah, a year that she said wasnt there

It sucks when someone loudly blows their nose near you and you can hear all their snot sloshing noisily onto the tissue, amirite?

better than hearing them sniffing all day.....

it happened 60 years ago, get over it, amirite?
@oof. fighting words. be careful what you say, I'm sure if you 're still in school that you can't possibly have a...

but srsly tho, is that not what the jews are doing to the palistinians now? just more subtler, like bombing childrens schools...........i have no sympathy. and they always pull out the torah and say 'es our right'!!! pricks

Theres always that one kid who claims to be related to Lindsey Lohan, Justin Timberlake, etc. amirite?

pfft and the kid who claims he is Dick Cheney's nephew. i think he rly is tho. btw: he gets beat up a lot.....

Dear wanna-be drummers in the school band, the winter concert does not count as a "gig", so stop being so arrogant, amirite?

but unfortunately in *my school, the drummers are the best part of the band. although i do not know if that is a statement of how good the drummers are or how bad the band is........

Rednecks: Your GPA is equal to the number of teeth you have, amirite?

i mean seriously, i don't think people from jersey are retarded cus of jersey shore..... i just think the people *on jersey shore are stupid.

Rednecks: Your GPA is equal to the number of teeth you have, amirite?

ok, listen up, i am a redneck, and i am proud of that, but i am the smartest kid in most of my AP classes and that does include the asain kids, and btw, im in the Plano school district and that is the best one in Texas. oh and i do speak more languages fluently than most of yall.

Texas A&M is beastly, yes??? amirite??? amirite?
@DanielJames Extended ellipsis.

gahhh, screw this... i got a life, so im out and done with this.

Texas A&M is beastly, yes??? amirite??? amirite?
@DanielJames Bool cory stro.

aha. aha. aha. so funny... not really.

Texas A&M is beastly, yes??? amirite??? amirite?
Texas A&M is beastly, yes??? amirite??? amirite?
@DanielJames You're a woman.

really? we really did not know that, we thank you for your masterful use of observation........

Texas A&M is beastly, yes??? amirite??? amirite?
@DanielJames The order of the statements has no effect. Use the reply button.

you really are not a very happy person, are you, if this is how you spend your days, do you have nothing better to do that to start arguments with complete strangers? j