SCARY BUT TRUE: statistics show that everyone who's ever used a cell phone will die, amirite?


Think of as many Italian last names as you can. Now.. most (if not all) end in a vowel, amirite?

Pretty sure every word ends in a syllable...?

It would be really cool if instead of turning the Harry Potter books into movies, they could've made them into TV series. Each book will be a season, and each chapter an episode. It would've been much cooler, plus they also would've been able to fit every detail of the book, add in extra details, and show us more about life in Hogwarts. Amirite?
@pikabeau You think it would take 7 years to complete the tv series? Unlike with the movies, it seems like the actors would...

What if they had done a season per year, and filmed the first season when the actors were 11? Then they would've aged perfectly

You've never sent/gotten a note saying "Do you like me? Check yes or no", amirite?

I have gotten one, but it was one of those eighth-grade assholes who think they're funny by harassing the quiet ones.

If they shut down facebook, people would be roaming the streets in tears , shoving pictures of themselves in other people's faces yelling "DO YOU LIKE THIS?! DO YOU?!", amirite?

Would you people mind if I turned these ideas into a mini-mockumentary? No joke here.

I know it's unusual, but some people actually do prefer the taste of Diet Coke... I'm one of them xD It's because I grew up with diet coke being the main soda in my house.
But it does sound quite funny, especially since most don't prefer it(:

Attendance at school: Late until proven absent, amirite?

Yeah, for my school, it's more like "absent until proven late" XD

People used to say "just for the record..."but nowadays it should be "just for the blue-ray", amirite?
@YuZ so you don't check official records anymore; you check official blu-rays.

And all the crap you do in high school goes onto your permanent Blu-Ray.

There should be a number, called shlork, that is the answer to everything. For example: 2+6=SHLORK, amirite?

Sorry, that position is taken. It's 42.

Before you name your child, you're going to make sure it doesn't rhyme with something inappropriate, so they can't be made fun of, amirite?
@Sexy Tucker

When I went to summer camp, they'd get pissed off if we swore, but there was a kid named Tucker in our group, so everyone would just be like, "Ah, Tuck!" and "Mothertucker!"

You know how people sometimes grunt when they play tennis? Well, it'd be kinda funny if people started grunting with every other sport amirite?

Figure skating.

The world would be a lot skinnier if we paid for food with calories. Like if something was 100 calories, you had to do jumping jacks or something to burn off those calories amirite?

We would also be dead from malnourishment, if we burned off every calorie that we ate. (:

If you were sent back in time a day before the twin towers fell, you would have no idea what to do to stop it, amirite?

Nobody would believe you most likely. If you're going to try to do anything like that, you might as well pull the fire alarms a little bit before it would've happened, like DandyLion said, because then they'd have to leave the building.

Disney should make a hairless princess; So that little girls with cancer can feel beautiful, amirite?
It's naive to think that your relationship with your boyfriend or girlfriend is so special that it's going to last forever when you're just in high school or middle school. High school and middle school dating is good for learning how to have a good relationship and it's good for exploring what you like in a person, but to expect your relationship to last forever at that age...ridiculous. amirite?

It's not very intelligent to expect to be together forever, but it's equally unhealthy for the relationship if you expect it to fail right from the start. You need to have a happy medium, where you don't just expect the worst, but also don't leave your head in the clouds, you know?