About me.

Formerly the user cbradford8828 untill I got banned from the site for making too many stupid posts. Some of my posts are realy bad while others are really good. However none of them are obvious.

I currently have had 91 posts deleted by the mods.

Between both of my acccounts I have had 36 posts homepaged, an incredible total

Due to my outstanding posts I was offered the oppurtunity to become a mod. However I decided not to sell out. Becoming a mod would be becoming everything I hate.

I have been known to post about many things including: Clever posts, good posts, puns, stupid posts, obvious posts, Really stupid posts, Parachute Pants, Lies, Global Warming, Being an Amirite celebrity, Dueling, Vanilla Ice, Soulja Boy, Bacon, The Mods, and Trolls.