About me.

Hullo. :D I'm a cereal killer. SO BEWARE!!! Hide your cocoa puffs!

Hid your cocoa puffs? NOW LETS GOOOOOOOOO.

--Yes I watche anime and reads manga and blahdeyblahdeyBLAH (OMGNARUTOFTW)
--I am also one in around 19,541,453 who live in New York.
--Born and raised in the U S A. buuut ethnically I'm Indian... y'know the one in ASIA...
--My name Is ZAIRA. < it means something in arabic... im just not sure what.
--I am also one of the few unfortunate people who have their mom as a highschool teacher. D:
--I like listening to music in languages I don't know.
--I'm Muslim. But I don't bomb things up, wear a turban, ride a camel (often) OR live in the desert. Any other stereotypes I need to clear up?
--I like people. So talk to me YO.
--I'm a freshiiieee! a freshmen! freshmeat! A 9th grader! Which ever way you wanna put it.
--I converted from MLIA. And I've never been happier

hackhack. its been three minutes since I last had tea so... IM OFF TO MAKE MORE.