Luge, luging, and luger all sound like dirty words, amirite?

Luger (Loo ger) is my last name...crap

Even though it's really fluffy, you probably wont die, amirite?

Fluffy things are the ultimate killers

The only reason 5 hour energy wakes you up is cause it taste like shit. amirite?

I prefer to describe it as a "punch in the taste buds."

Whenever you watch a documentary on something you feel like an expert. "Dude, that girl over there is as tall as a giraffe, she-" "GIRAFFES HAVE 18 INCH TONGUES" amirite?

Ahaha I read this as "giraffes have 18 tongues," and got super concerned about current documentaries

It's awkward when someone coughs, because you don't know what to say to them, amirite?

I usually comment on how productive it sounded. It really helps break tension to talk about phlegm

But...Chris Lee posted topless photos of himself. Topless is the more scandalous of the two.

He also doesn't wear pants in front of a young impressionable girl. How appropriate

You find it hilarious that people can't share their religion in public schools, yet they go around shoving the theory of evolution down every student's throat, amirite?

Just to clarify: the reason there is a distinction between the theory of evolution and other theories (like atomic and gravitational) is because evolution is the only one with another side. No one has ever tried to fight saying gravity doesn't exist so there's no reason for controversy.

Put candles on a cake, it's a birthday cake. Put candles on a pie, someone's drunk in the kitchen! amirite?
@Cesare Gotta love Jim Gaffigan.

I'm glad I'm not the only one who caught that

The tie is a very bizarre piece of clothing. Who was the first person to look at a guy and think, "He doesn't have enough trouble getting dressed in the morning. Let's put some silky rope around his neck and tie it in a way that only a girl can do it for him", amirite?

I actually think most guys know how to tie them I just put that in there for kicks. Maybe they're to cover up offensive buttons (those are super offensive)

Even though we're a public high school, we should be allowed to call it a Christmas tree, and not have to refer to it as a "holiday tree,", amirite?
@VexxDeGraff I am personally offended by "whiteboard" seeing as how I'm white so we need to call it...

To be offended by that is like white supremacy. Blackboards, however, are very offensive.

Almost everybody seems to want a quick and painless death, and they hate the idea of a long or painful one. Am I the only one that wants a long and painless one? amirite?

Probably. I feel like it would get pretty boring after a while

To the girls that make that awkward kissy face in your pictures, theres a reason people close their eyes when they kiss. amirite? (still good though)

The conversations in Spanish textbooks are always really stupid, amirite?

Because it's tough to have a meaningful conversation when all you can say is "I like the red pen" and "I live in the United States"
Exhibit A (although this guy is very romantic): YouTube video thumbnail

Blood is so inconvenient--it stains, smells bad, and always seems to be in short supply. It would be way more convenient to have water running through our veins instead (if we ignore all that silly stuff about blood carrying all the nutrients for our bodies). That way dying of dehydration would be so much harder, amirite?
@somewhere_I_belong If you cut yourself, water wouldn't clot. It would also evaporate out of your system, most likely.

I was clearly not trying to be scientific in any way, shape, or form. I'm glad you didn't take it at face value though