Whenever you watch a documentary on something you feel like an expert. "Dude, that girl over there is as tall as a giraffe, she-" "GIRAFFES HAVE 18 INCH TONGUES" amirite?

Ahaha I read this as "giraffes have 18 tongues," and got super concerned about current documentaries

You feel like you just witnessed something no other human-being has when you see the paper man distribute the papers in the wee hours of the morning. amirite?

Sometimes when you've been up all night and the newspaper guy comes at like 4am and you're laying on the driveway with your sister looking at the stars, the the paper man is suddenly a serial killer that we all must run from

Whenever you were sick your parents gave you 7up like it would heal everything, amirite?

My parents gave me ice cubes...I knew there was something wrong with my childhood

The tie is a very bizarre piece of clothing. Who was the first person to look at a guy and think, "He doesn't have enough trouble getting dressed in the morning. Let's put some silky rope around his neck and tie it in a way that only a girl can do it for him", amirite?

I actually think most guys know how to tie them I just put that in there for kicks. Maybe they're to cover up offensive buttons (those are super offensive)

I'm pretty sure the Bible doesn't say anything about God hating gays, fags, or other religions. People way back in history decided to say that God didn't like you if you didn't agree with their religion. amirite?

It pretty much comes down to "love the sinner, hate the sin".

Drake should of been the one addicted to Video Games and Josh should of been addicted to Junk-food...that would of made a lot more sense, amirite?

*should have

We're all nudists in disguise, amirite?

Or nudists on strike

In my world, everyone's ponies! And they all eat rainbows, and poop butterflies, amirite?

My world is called Jessica-land and everyone worships Queen Jessica because Jessica is SO amazing and beautiful.

Anyone who can sing all of "One week" by the Bare naked ladies is a god, amirite?

Challenge accepted.

You've wondered what Morgan Freeman's voice was like before puberty, amirite?

Exactly the same. Even when he was a baby

What we are is the sum of a thousand lives, what we know is almost nothing at all, but we are what we are untill the day we die or untill we don't have the strength to go on, amirite?

good song. a bit tacky to put on amirite though (even if I happen to agree with it)

Wait a second....if newspapers and magazines go out of business then how are we supposed to make our ransom notes, amirite?

Blood from the person you kidnapped and rubber stamps. Let's not be silly here

The only reason 5 hour energy wakes you up is cause it taste like shit. amirite?

I prefer to describe it as a "punch in the taste buds."

But...Chris Lee posted topless photos of himself. Topless is the more scandalous of the two.

I hate people that say "well, i have to go. ttyl!" during a text message conversation. If they were about to take a shower or go to sleep, that's understandable, but other than that, how can you say goodbye? I'm pretty sure you can take your cell phone anywhere you are going... therefore, do not say you "have to go", amirite?

If you're hanging out with someone else, it's just rude to continually text. Let's use some discretion here