I wonder how long Good Luck Charlie is really gonna last. I mean, there's only SO many things that can happen to a normal family, amirite?

What parents would let their teenages drag their baby all over town?

It is a little ironic and a little hypocritical when a eco-friendly/environmentalist smokes cigarettes. Amirite?

Why its ironic and hypocritical? Because they worry about pollution and every time they light one up it pollutes peoples lungs and the air. Just saying. I am not eco friendly person but I just think its funny they get onto people about stuff but they smoke.

I think its annoying when Harry Potter fans try to have a rivalry with Twilight. They are books and movies. Its not like the fate of the world depends on Hogwarts! amirite?
I think guys secretly like twilight and will never admit it. amirite?

Hey, if you think i am wrong thats cool. but no need to cuss and call me an ugly name. why so defensive about saying guys like twilight. are you afraid people will find out?