You know what your memory would be for the patronus charm. amirite?

When my dad returned from his tour in Afghanistan.

Math needs to be more interesting: "David is caught with both pot and crack. David's pot is valued at $310 an ounce and his crack is valued at $450 an ounce. David had 3 times as much pot as he had cocaine. In total, David had $54,000 worth of drugs. Write and solve a system of equations to determine how many ounces of each drug he had. Estimate how much prison time he will receive", amirite?

y=3x (He had three times as much pot as crack)

He had about 117 ounces of pot and 39 ounces of crack

It's a weird moment when you realize a word isn't pronounced the way you always thought it was, amirite?

I pronounced helicopter as "hekilobber" until I was 9.

Admit it, the world would be crazy if we all had to be the first thing we wanted to be. For example: A bunch of ninjas, princesses, pirates, etc. amirite?

I'd be a doctor and my sister would be a pole dancer.

You have never seen snow in real life before, amirite?
They can make cereal with all of the different food groups except meat cuz that would be gross, amirite?
How come everyone wants to be X in tic-tac-toe? amirite?

Because X goes first.

You've met a famous person before, amirite?

I've hung out with a few of the Jackass guys.

It is quite alarming when you suddenly forget what a simple word means, amirite?

What does "simple" mean?

Cherry is the worst fruit-flavoring, amirite?

definitely banana

You have more black friends than white friends, amirite?

There's only three other white people at my school, so I'd have to be pretty lonely to disagree with this.

You always wanted a certain pet you could never have, amirite?

a blue footed booby

It shocks you how much racism there is about Rue, Thresh, and Cinna in the Hunger Game movie, amirite?
@Id pictured them all as having Indian-coloring. Not like Native American Indians, but Indians like Hindu and from India.

For some reason, because of his name, I couldn't help but think of Peeta as Indian, even though the author repeatedly stated he was blonde.

Public transport is more fun than people give it credit for. You can be sat there when suddenly, BAM. Resident weirdo walks on, sits next to you, and you get a 10 minute story about how he fought apes in Vietnam with his Henry Hoover. Of course, the alternative is that you go home with 16 new undiscovered illnesses from touching anything, amirite?

A hobo kept trying to sit on my lap on the subway yesterday.

You pronounce water as "wader", amirite?

I pronounce it "wooder", is that weird?