When your diabetic its impossible to take a nap because everyone wants to wake you up to make sure your not in a coma, amirite?

I once had a diabetic. It was pretty cool. My not in a coma was a bit of an asshole, though.

You kind of wish you had some wicked scar with a cool story behind it, like :"Well, I was fighting the stingray that killed Steve Irwin when a rampant PETA supporter attcked me with a knife made out of tofu.", amirite?

Well I was one year old and this dark wizard broke into my house...

How do you know if someone is vegetarian? Don't worry, they'll tell you. amirite?
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Chicken is a bird. Not a meat. Get your facts straight. Plus, she only eats on occasion, like when there's nothing else in the house. Like lol are you stupid?

Americans: you sometimes wonder if british people talk in an american accent to pretend to be something, like we talk in a british accent to pretend to be fancy, amirite?
Inner-city kids: making everyone else's scores "above average", since 1964, amirite?

That's why standardized state tests are so easy. "If Rahgov is building a square fence with 16 feet of fence available, how long will each side be?
A. 4 feet
B. Lil' Wayne
C. $59
D. Masturbation

A good way to keep a girl would be to inject heroin into your nuts before you make love. Then when you jizz, you'll shoot heroin straight into her and she'll think you've giving her the greatest orgasm ever. And she'd be addickted to sex with you, amirite?
The TV show The Big Bang Theory is a subliminal attempt at making America smarter, amirite?


Atheists: if god isn't real, then how come grass stands straight up even though there's GRAVITY!? Christians: 1 Atheists: 0, amirite?


When you think about it, Hitler really wasn't such a bad guy. After all, he did kill Hitler, amirite?
Coffee is an addictive substance. People who drink it have smelly breath. Nicotine is an addictive substance. People who smoke it have smelly breath. So why don't we see people yelling at coffee drinkers, amirite?

Because there aren't second-hand coffee drinkers.

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There's a failbook group called " I don't want a job, I just want money". That just goes to show how god damn lazy kids are these days. amirite?

Those damn kids these days! Back in my day we didn't have money! We worked for big rocks we used to throw at people and steal their belongings! And we enjoyed work and liked it! Otherwise we'd get fired! And it wasn't no "You're fired, get your ass out of here and never come back!" bull shit neither! They would set you on fire and you would die! Then people would throw rocks at you and steal your crap! Kids have it easy.

A German joke is no laughing matter, amirite?

I agree. Anne Frankly, I think jew should be proud of yourself for coming up with this post. I do nazi why people laugh at German jokes at all...

When I was younger, I'd always think, "wow, a British kid. I bet they like, have tea with the queen." This makes you wonder if British kids think, "wow, an American kid, I bet they like, go to Mcdonald's with Obama.", amirite?

please people, enough with the politically incorrect jokes. everyone knows obama would go to KFC

Freshmen have feelings too, amirite?

Freshman don't even get speaking rights let alone feelings.