Boys are like those black and white cookies. They have a white side; a sweet, nice, cute, caring side. And a black side; a tough, mean side. Sometimes, they have more of one side then the other. Once you get on the white side, you can fairly easily move to the black side, but if you get on the black side, its almost impossible to get off. This metaphor works, amirite?

lol i wrote this when i was like 12

i got a week for spring break
to me its just a week off of school cuz im jewish

You shouldn't wait for your other half to make you whole because then, for a while, you're just 50% of who you could be. Be 100% on your own, then find someone who you can be 200% with, amirite?

this is perfect.

Girls: your first experience with a tampon was not a good one, amirite?

after my first period i tried a bunch of times but all i had were cardboards and those are gross. my mom then helped me but i didnt get it in all the way so it hurt alot and i took it out and gave up. then later i figured it out with a friend.

Girls: your first experience with a tampon was not a good one, amirite?
@SuperSukh I haven't had one yet. I'm terrified of tampons. Yay for pads!

personally i prefer tampons but until i actually knew how to do it right i prefered pads. now they just feel gross.

Women can't be equal to men because they're different. Just like little cats can't be equal to the mighty lion, amirite?

Yes, there are differences between women and men physically and mentally, but in reality we are equal. The stereotype is that men are big and strong and play sports and women just cook and clean and give birth. But just look at the womens olympic teams. Even outside of the olympics, women play sports just like men do. Men cook and clean as well. All the iron chefs are men.

Basically, I really wanted to get in this comment argument and prove a point. :)

Gymnasts: When you first learned how to to a backflip, it was the scariest thing in the world amirite?
@itube I am a non-gymnast wanting to learn to do a backflip. How do you even start?

if you're not looking to have perfect form and stuff you should use a trampoline. jump a few times, then when you go for the flip reach up with your arms and then pull your legs into a tuck. im sure you can find a how to video on youtube somewhere too :)

Whoever out there is thinking about suicide, please don't do it. Give it a year, just one year, and you'll see how you're life will get better. Somebody out there loves you, I promise. amirite?
@Even pedophiles rapists and murderers?

yeah. probably someone as crazy as them.

On November 11th 2011, at 11:11 you're gonna make the ultimate wish. amirite?
Falling in love with someone from the internet is more realistic than love at first sight. Love at first site is physical; on the internet you would fall in love with someone's personality, amirite?

hey! i saw something! love at first SITE like website!!! haha i feel so accomplished i found that.

You already have an idea about what you want to name your future kids, amirite?
11:11 only counts at night time, amirite?

if it counted at only one time, it would be daytime considering some countries are on military time. just as silvershadow said ^

You already have an idea about what you want to name your future kids, amirite?

emma gabrielle and kendall blair

The problem is not that your crush doesn't know you exist, it is that he/she used to know you, just chose to forget, amirite?

story of my life.

You never use quick text on your phone, amirite?

my phone calls it a "text template"